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Shane Allison is the author of four chapbooks of poetry including Ceiling of Mirrors (Cynic Press), Black Fag (Future Tense Books), Cock and Balls (Feel Free Press) and I Want to Fuck a Redneck (Scintillating Publications).  these days he spends his time writing stories more than poetry.  his favorite foods are chicken and chocolate milk.  he enjoys egging Hummers and stealing Social Security checks from old ladies.  he is friends with poet Jarret Keene.

a native of Oakland, Thérèse Marie Bachand has recently returned to the Bay Area.  she has been reunited with scissor-wizard Karl Heinz Teuber, who plans to lather up and reconfigure her shaggy tresses.

Dan Beachy-Quick teaches at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s MFA Writing Program.  in his spare time he considers million-dollar ideas, such as the Q-Pik, a toothpick on one end, and a cotton-swab on the other.  he has two books available, North True South Bright and Spell (neither of which contain any million-dollar ideas).

Jim Behrle wants to fall madly in love with Catherine Meng.  swoon!

Bill Berkson’s most recent book is The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings, available from SPD.  forthcoming from Arion Press: Gloria (28 poems, with 25 etchings by Alex Katz).

Shadowtime, with a libretto by Charles Bernstein and music by Brian Ferneyhough, will play at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York on July 21, 22, and 23, 2005.  Green Integer publishes the libretto in May 2005.

Anselm Berrigan has a book due out by year’s end named Some Notes On My Programming (Edge Books).  with Alice Notley and Edmund Berrigan he co-edited The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan, due out from University of California Press in October.  in his head, on the windowsill, in the corner, walking down the street, within John Fisk’s tote bag, and in his ear, there are birds.

C. S. Carrier lives in Amherst, Massachusetts and teaches at the University of Hartford.  poems appear or will soon in other journals.  a recurring dream involves running through a long tunnel lined with shoes.

Tina Celona is plagued with aphthous ulcers.  she recommends brushing with shampoo.

Otter Pop loves turtle, long walks, sunsets as well as sunrises, and sea breezes.

Justin Chin is the author of Harmless Medicine (manic d press) and Attack Of the Man-Eating Lotus Blossoms (suspect thoughts press).  he lives in San Francisco.  currently, he shampoos with Garnier’s Fructis Fortifying, alternating with Better Botanical’s Alma Shine.

Norma Cole loves to read and wash her hair but not at the same time.

Sean Cole works at WBUR Radio in Boston and is the author of this bio, along with many others.

Clark Coolidge’s latest books are Alien Tatters and Far Out WestThe Act of Providence is expected soon from Qua Books.

William Corbett lives in Boston, teaches at MIT, and edits Pressed Wafer.

Phil Crippen, a.k.a. “vitalogian,” works for the Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art in Phoenix, Arizona.  took up valuable space at the University of Arizona and The University of Oxford, England.  blogs a few poems and drawings at stamped and metered flying fish.  as a little boy, Phil would cry terribly when mommy shampooed his hair; but please don’t rinse or repeat this.

Del Ray Cross edits this little magazine.

Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle.  orphaned at 15, did not pursue a formal education longer than the law requires, matriculating to a life in rooming houses.  forgetting always starts with names.  in 1995, clinically classified schizophrenic: a rapture of the deep.  then took up writing.

Brent Cunningham earned his M.A. in English from S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo in 1998, after which he moved to the Bay Area, where he now works for Small Press Distribution.  his first book, Bird & Forest, will be published in June 2005 by Ugly Duckling Presse in Brooklyn.   recently his dreams have been preponderant in onions and Ivan the Terribles.

Jennifer Dannenberg hates writing bios but likes to read them.  everyone is at least as interesting as everyone.

poet/performer Solidad Decosta is equal parts street journalist, storyteller and 40-something crone-ta-be with Leo moon credentials.  her work has appeared in StreetNOTES, Fireweed, and SF Bay Guardian Online, and her poem Intersexed Is How It Intersects was published in the 2002 ForWord Girls anthology, Take Back the Mic.  she has performed her work in bookstores, bars, and bodegas all over the U.S. of A., and is working on her first novel.

Katina Douveas was plucked from among two other children from a playground at the edge of five to train with the legendary Bela Karolyi.  one other girl was picked first, but Katina kicked her ass and Bela, impressed by her deft athleticism, took her to Romania where she was taught about gymnasts not being allowed to have boobs, Halloween, or puberty.  in recent news, katina was elected as the new pope, (the smoke during Ratzinger’s ‘election’ was actually black), and Bela and Martha are so, so proud.

Denise Duhamel has tried every anti-frizz product on the market yet still has frizzy hair which she has come to accept and occasionally even embraces.  her two latest volumes are: Two and Two (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2005) and Mille et un sentiments (Firewheel, 2005).  she teaches poetry at Florida International University in Miami.

kari edwards will be vacating the US of amerika in October (2005) for India, to hopefully take up permeant residents in Auroville.  kari is author of iduna, O Books (2003) and a day in the life of p., subpress collective (2002).  edwards’ work can also be found in Scribner’s The Best American Poetry 2004, Civil Disobediences: Poetics and Politics in Action, Coffee House Press (2004), Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative, Coach House, Toronto (2004), and Bisexuality and Transgenderism: InterSEXions of the Others, Haworth Press, Inc. (2004).

Elaine Equi is the author of many books, including most recently, The Cloud of Knowable Things from Coffee House Press.  she lives in New York City and is always happy to visit the rejuvenating literary spa of Shampoo.

Michael Farrell’s current bike songs du jour-nuit are Donna Summer’s The Wanderer and the imginary title track to the new White Stripes.  this weekend he has read of many existential dilemmas.

Eric Raanan Fischman became evident several hundred million years ago in the womb of a glacier off the coast of what will someday be known as the reunified continent of North Dakota.  his father, a rare ice-dwelling anemone, taught him a love of language from an early age, probably the Silurian Period.  “hey, is that Jim Behrle from Meanie over there??  what’s up Jim Behrle!!!”

Robert Glück’s latest is Denny Smith (stories), published in ’04 by Clear Cut Books.  this year, Glück is sipping his crème in a Parisan café.  last year, Coach House published Biting The Error: Writers on Narrative, edited by Glück, Camille Roy, Mary Berger, and Gail Scott.  Glück is sure he will feel your companionship when you read these books, though he’s uncertain about the mechanics of this.

Harvey Goldner lives in Seattle.  recent chapbook, Memphis Jack, available from Spankstra Press ([email protected]).  “like we used to say in Memphis: ‘if we had some shampoo, we could shampoo our hair, if we had some hair.’”

Carolyn Gregory lives in Boston and has been working in hospital research for twenty years.  her poems and classical music and photography reviews have appeared in the following: American Poetry Review, Seattle Review, Bellowing Ark, Slant, South Florida Poetry Review, Ibbetson Street.  she has published two chapbooks and was featured in an award winning anthology (For Lovers and Other Losses).  her second book, Open Letters, will be published in 2005.  her hobbies include hiking, swimming, travel and collecting antique pins.

Jonathan Hayes is a graduate of Brookline High School.  he recommends Kupel’s Bakery on Harvard Ave., as a place to go for bagels, and suggests taking the Fung Wah bus when traveling between Boston and NYC.

Lt. Nash L. Badjot, decorated Zemblan patriot and ardent supporter of Charles the Beloved, is also the unofficial commentator to S.J. Holland-Batt’s masterwork, Remember Zembla in December.  Lt. Badjot would like to draw the reader’s attention to the dizzying array of glassy shampoos available in his homeland, filled with crushed butterfly wings and slow blue shimmerings..

Sung-san Hong is a Korean-American currently working/traveling in Korea.

Paolo Javier is the author of the poetry collections the time at the end of this writing (Ahadada Books) and 60 lv bo(e)mbs (O Books, forthcoming 2005).  he lives in New York.

Kevin Killian is writing a new play with Karla Milosevich, this one is called THE RED AND THE GREEN and will depict the epic war between the celebrities who congregrate around Madonna and the Kabbalah Center of Mayfair, and the Green Party.  they will stage this one in September.

Jack Kimball edits Faux Press.

in the suburbs of Seattle, Amanda Laughtland works behind the circulation desk in a public library and sometimes teaches English to community college students.  paper crafting is her hobby, and she might send you a handmade greeting card if you asked her nicely.

Cassie Lewis is making up her autobiography as she goes along.  she has been blessed with wonderful friends.  she has seen snow.

Timothy Liu is the author of five books of poems, most recently Of Thee I Sing (University of Georgia Press), chosen as a 2004 Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly.  a new book, For Dust Thou Art, is forthcoming from Southern Illinois University Press.  he lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Michael Magee is the Director of a new Summer Institute in Creative Writing at Rhode Island School of Design that will debut in Summer 2006.  latest books are Emancipating Pragmatism: Emerson, Jazz and Experimental Writing (U Alabama P, 2004) and MS (Spuyten Duyvil 2003).  his children are ages 4 and 1.  in 2013 he plans on getting eight consecutive hours of sleep.

Catherine Meng lives in Alameda, California.  she is a strong swimmer.  additional Meng jabber can be found on her blog.

Kathleen Miller is the ever-glamorous Customer Service & Development Associate at Small Press Distribution.  she has various chapbooks and the like which may or may not be coming out, and when she is not turning people in obscure states on to small press poetry over the telephone at SPD, she is washing her sensitive poet hair.

K. Silem Mohammad is the 47,638th most sexiest man alive.  he lives in a house / with Mickey Mouse.

originally soiled in California, Yedda Morrison is currently bathing in Montreal, Canada.  “Deerie Lu” is excerpted from her manuscript Girl Scout NationCROP, a book of poems, is available from Kelsey Street Press.

Ron Padgett’s books include a collection of poems, You Never Know, and two memoirs, Oklahoma Tough: My Father, King of the Tulsa Bootleggers and Joe: A Memoir of Joe Brainard.

Ronald Palmer is a frequent contributor to Shampoo and has been a huge fan since its inception 5 glorious years ago when he was living with his parents in Connecticut after a surreal year in The Netherlands.  now he lives with his boyfriend, Kevin Rolston, in the Richmond district of San Francisco with a little Japanese garden for a backyard (pink roses below his window!).  Billy X. O’Brien continues to build with podcasts in mp3 format and random photos from our lives.  Soft Skull Press will publish Logicalogics this summer 05.

Michael Robins owns a goldleaf frame that contains his degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  his graduate thesis, Just One of the Birds, is a poetic retelling of Hitchcock’s 1963 horror classic through the viewpoint of a Galapagos penguin.  he will teach at Columbia College Chicago on Monday afternoons in the fall.

Kit Robinson plays the Cuban tres guitar with the Bay Area Latin Music Project.

Jocelyn Saidenberg’s books are Mortal City, Cusp, and, forthcoming from
Atelos, Negativity.  she is the founding editor of KRUPSKAYA Books and literary curator for New Langton Arts.  born and raised in New York City, she has been a San Francisco resident since 1994.

Cynthia Sailers.  absolutely.

Leslie Scalapino.  yes.

Cedar Sigo is 27 years old.  the revised second edition of his Selected Writings has just appeared from Ugly Duckling Presse.  in one year he will return to live among the indians.

Ron Silliman has recently had poetry in Big Bridge, MiPOesias, and Latchkey.Net, as well as a longer theoretical piece on time in the longpoem in Jacket.

Chris Stroffolino was a visiting distinguished poet at Saint Mary’s College from 2001-2004.  currently unemployed and recuperating from a shattered knee cap and the no-less important variously disfigured muscles and ligaments, he’s seeking partners to help start an alternative (non-accredited, but cheaper and more efficient) creative writing program in Oakland and/or San Francisco (to cut out the middle man!).  you may find him online at Continuous Peasant (since this is a web magazine, no excuses!), and he may yet find you, despite—or perhaps because of—the surrounding “last chance” haze…

Eileen Tabios reveals her hair at her poetics blog, The Chatelaine’s Poetics.  sometimes her revelations can stand a shampoo, not to mention conditioner to ease those split ends.

Joseph Torra is a poet and novelist.  his books include After the Chinese and the My Ground Trilogy.  he is an editor at Pressed Wafer Press and lives in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Michelle Trigleth loves animals and children.

Stephen Vincent lives in San Francisco and is the author of two recent poetry ebooks: Triggers at Shearsman Books and Sleeping with Sappho at faux press.  his blog of poetry, commentary, and politics may be found here.

Alli Warren at night goes by Little Debbie Slap Foot.  such soulful, cold-blooded steps enable her to write more “serial poems.”

Christopher Wells loves Indian buffets.  people from at least three different states have enjoyed his poems.  he rarely uses umbrellas.

Janean Williams lives in Copper Hill, Virginia where she writes poetry, puts together tableaus, and performs opera with dolls.  soon she’ll be shampooing in Paris!

Beth Woodcome lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and works at Berklee College of Music in the Counseling and Advising Center.  she has poems published in Ploughshares, Gulf Coast, and Columbia Journal of Art and Literature.  she won the 2004 Grolier Prize for Poetry and holds an MFA from Bennington College.  her shampoo of preference is Bumble & Bumble.

Stephanie Young: closer to the lake than ever before.  still washing it every few days, still with a cut and color from Wayne.  Bay Poetics from Faux Press appears soon and the buildup we know is KILLING but also Telling the Future Off from Tougher Disguises, summer 2005.

a wash, cut, and blow dry from Miriam keeps Tim Yu looking good.  visit his blog to sample his sharply styled prose.

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