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S H A M P O O   10


Jim Behrle lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and has been watching “Twin Peaks” non-stop for weeks.

Sean Cole says that, if all goes well, more of his work will appear in Pavement Saw
later this year and, even later, Boog Literature will release a
series of postcards he wrote to Boog editor David Kirschenbaum:  one a day
during the month of December, 2001.  he works at WBUR Radio in Boston, 2002.

Del Ray Cross is having a very nice day and would like to introduce you to a few of his good friends.

Alison Daniel has trafficked in realms that should be banned, has lived with the devil of Goethe where she gladly dirtied her hands, and as for Hermes, she says “he’s just a sham.”

Jennifer Dannenberg is from Ohio’s rolling (roiling?) hills.  she’s now lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a long time, but (just like this editor) is still missing snow.

Jamine Ergas is a give-me-the-grit kind of gal.  she loves juicy details and enjoys a good fight.  oh, and she eats shampoo for breakfast.

Michael Farrell is Australia editor of Slope.  his hair is half a millimetre long and he says “Hi Emma, thanks for laughing.”

Carolyn Gregory has lived in Boston for 20 years and works in hospital administration.
she hopes to publish her first book, Open Letters, this year.

Jonathan Hayes can be found at East 86th Street and Third Avenue where the hot dogs taste like filet mignon.  he uses Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint.

Yuri Hospodar orbits far above Earth in a spaceship cleverly disguised as the city of Boston.  he spends his time writing secret love poetry to gymnast Alexei Nemov and quarterback Tom Brady, but neither have yet put his number on their cell phones.  “if they even have them,” he whispers…“jerks.”

Paolo Javier recently founded Second Ave Press, a small press devoted to the publication of innovative North/Asian/American poetries.  he’s an MFA Writing Candidate at Bard College who teaches at NYU’s Asian Pacific American Studies Program and Institute.  his poems featured in this issue
are dedicated to C.D. – and he says “my loss the greater without your loofah in the shower.”

Barbara Johnson.  sometimes she is a young woman in a San Francisco apartment with
a dog.  at other times, she goes on long walks.

Vincent Katz is spending the year at the American Academy in Rome, where he is translating Sextus Propertius and Archilochos and chasing Agostino Chigi’s girlfriends.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, born in 1961, lives and writes in Espoo, Finland.  one of his primary interests is computer
processing and manipulation of text and language.  his poems are, or will soon be, published in Poethia
and Moria.  he also avoids duties at home, barely sleeps, and has a cat among five children.

Susanna Kittredge lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with two spunky lesbians.  she publishes exclusively in SHAMPOO.

Tim Lane is a sucker for small, shiny metal objects.

Cassie Lewis has long hair, but no doubt she’ll soon get sick of it and have it all cut off.  long ago, she believed she had a gift for cutting hair,
and used to cut her own, with often tragic results.  until one day she cut her flatmate’s hair and – (to be continued…)

Sepia Marie was born in a Massachusetts garbage can and she now resides in a lovely little purple plush abode in San Francisco that is decorated with a “Mardi Gras/Gay Pride”
theme.  likes: designing new hairstyles with her tongue, pooping, and washing down Meow Mix with some delicious warm bath water.  dislikes: vacuum cleaners, fingernail clippers, and empty food dishes.

Raleigh D. Meadow says “hi y’all, I just recently took up poetry, so this is my first ’zine appearance.
I hail from “corn row” USA (Indiana), am 29 (again), and like to spend free time with my dog, chasing cars up and down the road.  (grrrrrrrrr)”

Elaine Morizono hopes to take a road trip across the United States in an R.V. equipped with a t.v. and a coffee cup warmer.  this trip would include three other travelers and take at least six months.  she plans to use lots of camera film and 0.5mm pencil lead.

Brian Morrison wrote a poem called “Devotion.”  um, that’s all we know right now.

Murray Moulding can’t find the salad spinner.  however, poems have appeared in The Astrophysicist’s Tango Partner Speaks, Columbia Review, Shiny, and elsewhere.  he runs a tiny online fiction workshop and stands in the hall a lot wondering what next.

Sheila E. Murphy has spent half her life so far in Phoenix, Arizona.  about two years ago, she began to include visual art in her array of chosen pursuits.  she is an avid walker, and for a period of years climbed Squaw Peak on a daily basis.

Beth Murray lives in Oakland with her husband David Larsen where they edit The San Jose Manual of Style.  her chapbooks include Hope Eternity Seen
on the Hip of a Rabbit
from a+ bend, 12 Horrors from Belladonna, and
Spell from Lucinda.  a couple times a week she drives the neighborhood
dogs up to the hills in her ’74 Volvo.  the car hasn’t been SHAMPOOED in ages.

Ronald Palmer drives his burgundy Saturn between Maine and New York and knows the long lines of twin tail lights very well.  his cube with a view shows today’s (December 10, 2001) first snow of the year and the geese have squatted on the hill licking themselves and pecking at the frozen grass.  more samples of his work can be viewed by clicking right here.

Kevin Prufer’s new book, The Finger Bone, will be published by Carnegie Mellon.  he edits Pleiades and shampoos with Prell.

Sean Reagan lives, writes, and otherwise eschews biography in Worthington, Massachusetts.

Anna V. Q. Ross lives with her husband and two cats in New York City, where she is an MFA candidate at Columbia University.  she has previously been published in the Can we have our ball back?, The Connecticut River Review, and SHAMPOO.  she will read for beer.

William Routhier lives in Boston, writes fiction and poetry, and is looking for a home for a collection of short stories.  he founded and co-edits the online literary magazine Facets.  some of his stories can be found online at Intertext if you check ‘best stories’ then the author list.  he’s currently trying to transform his life in a major way, so send him your best wishes.  he’d do the same for you.

Suzy Saul lives on the third floor in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Larry Sawyer is currently perfecting his French to hold a seance for the sole purpose of contacting Jacques Prevert in the underworld.

Stephanie Scarborough is a Pisces, a vegetarian, and is very obsessed with Spam and doughnuts.  in addition to writing poetry, she likes to draw cartoons and edits a new on-line zine, The Pleasant Unicorn.

Chris Semansky has a snow-white French Lop named Dhazie, a garden full of unpicked potatoes, and a long-held disdain for and fascination of contributors’ notes.  shampooing practices vary according to the season and to the books Chris is not reading.

Ann Elliott Sherman has just been put on the short list for both a right-brain transplant and that prize named for good nonvintage Champagne or an expensive pen.  she has also won a Snow White Timex, a free-range white rat and a $1,000 Macy’s shopping spree.

Cedar Sigo, tall super-swell San Francisco poet.

Chris Stroffolino has recently moved from Brooklyn to Oakland.  you should check out his new book, Spin Cycle (Spuyten Duyvil).

Gary Sullivan has two new books for you:  How to Proceed in the Arts (Faux Press) and, with Nada Gordon, Swoon (Granary Books).  check out his fabulous readme.

Eileen Tabios will release in 2002 an ekphrasis-based poem collection, Reproductions of the Empty Flagpole (Marsh Hawk Press, New York).  in 2001, she founded Meritage Press, a multidisciplinary literary and arts press based in St. Helena, California.  she dedicates her poem to Jose, Michelle, and Barbara, who made her blind alchemy feel welcome in the Bay Area with poetry, kali, and music at Pusod (Berkeley).

Keeanga Taylor lives in Chicago via New York via Dallas.  she is a socialist that spends most of her time organizing.  she writes poems to fill in the blanks and listens to Jay Farrar to feel alright.

Steve Timm (aka Me Vet Mist) has had poems in such places as Shall Lit, Spy Skunk Soma, and Weeny Voice Rampart Ire, and this is his second appearance in Ham Soop.  he lives in Granama.

Joseph Torra lives in the Boston area.  poet, novelist, and an editor of Pressed Wafer, his most recent novel, The Bystander’s Scrapbook, is available from Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, England.

Zinovy Vayman sends e-mails from airports all over the world.

Dana Ward resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.  his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in PO-EP!, milk, can we have our ball back?, and others.  he looks forward, to baseball, spring, spring, and baseball.

Eddie Watkins, says Eddie Watkins, “is a pocket that I sleep in while he’s at work.  I snore to
the borborigmi of his heart as he brings home the bacon and the soap.  then later I wheel him through moonlight to my typewriter because I need his fingers to type.  come morning we meet in a bath.”

Eric Wertheimer lives in Phoenix, teaches at ASU, drives everywhere, has published poetry in Exquisite Corpse, wrote a book called Imagined Empires, has trouble even mentioning George Bush’s name without getting very angry, and is obsessive about pro basketball.  but he is always disappointed by sports heroes.

Kirby Wright remains a struggling writer while teaching English Comp at the Art Institute of California and serving as an advisor at National University’s Writing Center.  one of his students is Venus Williams.  he spends his spare time sending e-mails to Venus and nursing his pet turtle back to life.

there are birds on the fence.  Matvei Yankelevich is founding editor of Ugly Duckling Presse, co-edits the poetry quarterly 6×6, as well as the Emergency Gazette, and hardly has any time to submit poems, much less write them.  he states: “I’m tired of bios, but they are better than jobs.”

Stephanie Young lives in Alameda, California very near the Ferry.  she’s a member of nudistcourse, and is currently writing a series of poems of Daily Meditations.

Tim Yu, on his recent trip to Las Vegas, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, climbed the Eiffel Tower, rode in a fiberglass gondola, and realized that nothing would ever be the same.  he has published poems in SHAMPOO (issue 8) and the Asian Pacific American Journal.

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