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Malaika King Albrecht is completely herself these last couple of days — painted orange-and-purple, Malaika’s decked out with shelves for fresh fruits and vegetables…

Shane Allison
loves Chris forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  and Ever.

Eric Beeny is 27.  his poultry (“chicken-shit scribblings”) has appeared in 5AM, 32 Poems, King Log, Main Street Rag, Nuthouse, and others.  a while back this thing happened to him that was kind of strange and funny, and, not too long after, he mentioned it to someone.  and that’s the story of the first time he ever told an anecdote.

Cindy Carlson lives in Madison, Wisconsin, where she works as a teacher and works on stopping time by writing about it over and over in her poetry.

Jeff Crouch
in the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex of Texas.
culture as history, politics, and art, the conjunction thereof.
time as Moebius strip.
splicing poetry into it.

Michael Farrell has three books: ode ode (Salt), BREAK ME OUCH (3 Deep) and a raiders guide (Giramondo).  his PhD research at Melbourne University is in the field of stillness and quietude studies.

Robert Glück is the author of nine books of poetry and fiction, including two novels, Margery Kempe and Jack the Modernist, and a book of poems and short prose, Reader.  his latest is Denny Smith (stories).  in 2004, Coach House Press published Biting The Error: Writers on Narrative, a juicy anthology edited by Camille Roy, Mary Berger, Gail Scott, and himself.  he teaches at San Francisco State.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier’s latest, Part, Part Euphrates comes from NeO Pepper Press.  she’s new to Tucson’s what and how of Monsoon showers, loves axons, wishes she were less sudsier.

Jeff Harrison writes: manes!, marvels the lamb, ’round my face as harps wild ’round the fleece, trod tame, of clouds.

David Highsmith hopes to put up a late stand of rhubarb this year, if the weather breaks and the market holds steady.  if not, he’ll be naming a few more farm ponds after his children’s dead pets.  in the meantime, you’ll find him keeping a stiff upper lip at his award winning store in San Francisco, Books & Bookshelves.

Geof Huth spends most of his nights writing about visual poetry at dbqp: visualizing poetics.  he calls a group of dachshunds an annoyance of same, and knowing his dogs Duck, Max, and Omar would help make clear why.  the poems presented in this issue of Shampoo will appear in his book Longfellow Memoranda, due out this summer from Otoliths.

Scott Inguito lives in San Francisco, works in San Jose, and paints in his garage.  his most recent project is called PANDAFUCK, a suite of poems inspired by the the pointless, the ill-tuned, the black and white of it all.  Scott Inguito drives a silver Toyota Corolla, 35mpg hwy, 30mpg city.

Susanna Kittredge is an office manager at an architectural firm, and sometimes teacher of poetry to kids.  some of her favorite things include: birds, cherry chocolate walnut smiles from Rainbow Grocery, Scrabulous, and lunch-time people-watching in Union Square.  she thinks you should know that she grew up in New England.  her poems in this issue are are both titled after the subject lines of spam emails.

Marie Larson currently writes about whale monsters.  well, sort of, but not completely.  she has a brown striped couch and a dried up orange.  she is an MFA candidate at Naropa University.

Diana Magallón
according to The Phillipopolis Notebook:
veata in a monte
veata veatriix Colorada
pedro? In a Monte
diana? Colorada Naranja

Hassan Melehy has lived all over the U.S., makes an occasional short film, and loves vegetable gardening.  his verse has appeared or will appear in Borderlands, The Hat, nthposition, and Red Rock Review.  his wife and he have settled in North Carolina, where they soon hope to get a cat.

Philip Metres is a poet whose recent collection, To See the Earth, contains the line: “all junior high I blow-dried the revolt of curls.”  sadly, Frank O’Hara has never yet emerged from his shampoo.  there’s always tomorrow.

Christopher Mulrooney studied at the Prell Institute in Geneva and Alberto Culver University in Puerto Rico.  he has written poems in Beeswax, Guernica, Vanitas, echolocation, The Delinquent, and fourW.

Mark Navarro is a sophomore English and Creative Writing major at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and originally hails from Adrian, Michigan.  he was recently published for the first time in Xylem, the University’s annual literary journal.  his rough and wild hair is tamed daily by sweet, sweet lather.

Michelle Noteboom’s a Michigander who escaped and went to Paris where she’s been hiding out the past 17 years enjoying the finer things of life like cheese and wine.  after sampling the regional vino on a recent trip back to the Midwest, she thinks she’s good for at least another 17 in her adopted country…

Ronald Palmer co-wrote a play, Crystal Christian, with his boyfriend, Kevin Rolston.  a farcical romp through an evangelical ex-gay ministry involving a hypocritical leader who hires a call boy.  the action is guided by a chorus of starlings who speak in verse.  the first public reading will be at The Magic Theatre on July 14th, 2008, as well as three workshop presentations, August 15-17th.  he’s been using Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo from Avalon Organics, which touts their products as “Consciousness in Cosmetics”, which must be a good thing.

Mark Pawlak teaches mathematics at UMass Boston as a means of supporting his poetry habit—on the one hand, inflicting pain; on the other, giving pleasure.

Lanny Quarles.  “thinking of Stanislaw Lem today.  I love my wife, my planet, the solar wind.  I think of NOTHING but consciousness.”

Sean Reagan lives and writes in a house formerly known for its enormous model railroad layout.  as for bread – and poetry – he prefers it first thing in the morning, buttered and hot, with tea.

since the hair went away, Ryan B. Richey uses soap instead of shampoo.  his roommates have shampoo.  every now and then he will squirt out a little for old times’ sake.

Paul Siegell is psyched like a ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL to be the author of Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008).  “let’s get into the song!”  Paul was recently sitting in the big blind with pocket nines, and *ZEPHYR KAYAK EMBRYO* was written while sitting on a beach, but none a-that has to do with the letter Y.

Kiely Sweatt received her MFA in Poetry from the New School.  shortly thereafter, she fled the country to pursue a bohemian life in Spain, where she has been for the last four months practicing poems in Castellano and teaching English.  she was most recently published in The Why and Later, an anthology of poems edited by Cary Sachs, dealing with issues of rape and violence against women.

Mike Topp’s most recent book is Shorts Are Wrong (Autonomedia).  you can subscribe to his newsletter, Stuyvesant Bee, by emailing him.  SURVEY: DOGBLOGS or BLOGDOGS?

Cat Tyc is a poet/film-maker on the last leg of her West Coast adventure.  it’s not really a secret that she is primarily a pirate.

Zinovy “Zeke” Vayman, Haiku Ambassador to many countries, currently to Turkey.

Josh Wallaert is proprietor of the internet curiosity Webster’s Daily.  he likes maps, glaciers, and Western movies.

Nico Wijaya finds fucshia fedoras chic and candle-lit wine caverns cozy.

Tim Yu cupcake bullwhip giraffe.

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