Elaine Equi – Two Poems

Elaine Equi

Two Poems

My Dad

He always had a thing
for frozen orphans,

matchbook memories,

8 oz. martinis,

Adolph Hitler,
Johnny Cash –

a voice crying
in the 2 a.m. wilderness

before the dawn
of talk radio.

He was my dad.


              for Susan Wheeler

One day I’ll grow up
and when I do, I’ll be plaid.

Autumnal and rapt
in the checkered tablecloths
of my clan’s checkered past,
present and future.

Don’t get mad, get plaid!

Plain old plaid,
plaid plains of a universe
of interlocking
concentric squares.

Even the water will be plaid.
Uniform and utilitarian,
far as the eye can see.

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