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Love Poems – Rhyming Love Poetry For Her by D. Rudoy

Love poems is the most popular genre of poetry because people cannot find happiness without love, no matter how rich, famous, or powerful they are. A search for passionate love, as well as the ultimate encounter with it, attracts the strongest, sweetest, and often saddest emotions that shake our life, making us consider ourselves from formerly unimaginable angles. Best poets always guided people searching for love with their wisdom, anguish, and rapture, and the brightest gems of their genius are forever stored in literary masterpieces. But time continues its lengthy duty, and the classic poems about love which many of us studied at school are supplanted by the romantic poetry of the contemporary era.

Here, you can find some of the best love poems by D. Rudoy: a 21st-century poet whose variety of love experience ranges from utmost despair to heavenly bliss and who generously shares his powerful experiences in classic rhyming stanzas.

Types of poetry forms - "Love is poetry" by Danil Rudoy
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“When I say I love you more…”

I don’t believe that anybody
feels the way I do about you now

Oasis – “Wonderwall”

When I say I love you more,
There are lightning bolts galore:
You refuse a universe
Where my love’s exceeding yours.
Am I truly so unjust
As to doubt you and distrust
The confessions you allot?
Dear, definitely not!

When I say I love you more
I don’t mean to start a war
Over which of us in part
Has a somewhat bigger heart.
All I mean is: in a world
Where the truth is seldom told
You have given me the force
To be myself with no remorse.

When I say I love you more
Than the ones you met before,
I’m not being inexact:
All I do is state a fact.
Had the best of their ex-crew
Loved you half the way I do,
Your romance would catch no moss
And our path would never cross.

When I say I love you more
By the day, my senses soar
And begin to adumbrate
All the reasons why you’re great.
Since my heart began to beat,
No one made me so complete
And, elated, in return
Like the Sun for you I burn.

When I say I love you more,
An untold but magic lore
Kept forever out of sight
Finds a way to come to light
And ignite us, as it seems.
Here we are: two endless beams
Each of whom, despite the score,
Loves the other slightly more.


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Love Poems for Her

Most poems about love are written and dedicated to women as historically virtually all poets were men. Dante, Petrarch, Shakespeare and other lovers gifted with poetic genius and inimitable literary voices formed a golden standard of love poetry with its strict rules and endless beauty resulting from following them. And even though nowadays many poets deviate from the classic rhyme and rhythmic patterns, some do uphold the true magic of love poetry and continue the tradition set forth by the best of the genre.

The love poems are taken from “Love is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life”: a poetry collection by a modern poet D. Rudoy.

“The Eternal”

(a deep love poem for her)

You look at me as if you wished to tremble
And could not help the fear in your eyes,
When distant stars appear and assemble
In shapes that we pretend to recognize.

You call me mad when I narrate of spheres
That lie beyond the reach of human sight.
Your eyes, again, reflect the deepest fears
Which you refuse to disregard or fight.

You are afraid that once, when you are sleeping
My telescope will find a better place
Among the dots that in the dark are weeping
And I’ll forget the beauty of your face.

But don’t you worry, my immortal dear:
I stare above to find the better, true,
But I will never come to it as near
As when I wake up lying next to you.

I won’t betray your firmest resolution
To pardon my peculiar inclines.
You know, I don’t believe in Absolution
Or tales that Hell on our vices dines:

All that we know, the human, the infernal
And the divine shall pass without a trace,
But I will love you till the Sun eternal
Dissolves to feed the emptiness of space.

by D. Rudoy – December 2009


Marriage Market” – a Long Poem About Love


“The First English Sonnet”

My dear Lord! I tried to numb the inner,
And yet amid the pains, divine and lewd,
Revolving and prepared to protrude,
There was a name that grew, becoming thinner.
Indemnity is not for such a sinner,
Not even respite, much less quietude:
A rascal, it aspires to elude

Before its humble servant’s served for dinner.
Of that I could compile another story,
Narrate it to the shadows of the past,
Or just pretend the sonnet is perfection…
Lies bring but solace, not an allegory;
I would not mind if this one was the last.
Some day I’ll know the depth of this direction.

by D. Rudoy – 2/12/2015


“A Tragicomic Read” – a Romantic Love Poem


“Sly Things Lovers Say”

Sex’s like a tide,
Love doesn’t mean marry,
Youth never knows where it stands.

Thinner than ice on a lake in October,
Higher than pedestals of the gold medals,
I interrupt the internal harangue.
Never before have I done it so sober:
Gone right inside the pink princess of petals,
Slippery after a touch of my tongue.

Lonesome as always, and knowing, and wishing…
Oh, what a mystery knocks on the door!
Velvetly, bluishly, anything really:
Every emotion is wildly unleashing,
Rhymes are imperfect: why wait you for more,
Sinister Master? Do me now, will you!

Spread your sails wide
And let the wind carry
You to the promised of lands.

by D. Rudoy, October 2017


Love poems for her


Short Love Poems For Her From The Heart

A million words may not be enough to express the depth of our affection, but a pithy poem with a point condensed to but a few lines sometimes becomes a tremendous force more powerful than a laser beam. And, despite their brevity, those poetic moments often take such a monumental effort to produce that it compares only to the perfect sense expressed in them.

“Love Is”

(a short love poem for wife)

“My love is growing day by day;
Does yours keep up, sir sinner?”
“How could it now? And, by the way:
What do we have for dinner?”

by D. Rudoy – 2012


Short Love Poems


“Coping Doping”

(another short love poem for wife)

How hard it is sometimes to strive
And not be fallen prey to coping!
You screamed at noon. But now, at five,
It’s time to reach for some more doping.
Let yet unmarried couples’ hive
Be buzzed with prospects of eloping –
You keep, my love, us both alive,
And I, my love, keep both us hoping.

by D. Rudoy – April 2013


Short Poems About Love for Her


Funny Love Poems For Her

Love is a serious matter, but having fun is indispensable for a long, lasting relationship! Humorous, comical, and otherwise funny love poems for her are an excellent way to express tender feelings without putting too much pressure on the beloved.

“Chain of Lies”


It’s five to midnight, and she’s been drinking.
Her play audition did not go well.
I offered rescue; she went for sinking,
And now she’s ready to raise some hell.


She resurrects from the undercover
And fires, having her power staked:
You’re such a tragedy as a lover,
All that you’ve taken for real, I faked!


Her face portrays quintessential fury,
Her eyes resemble a gaping void…
How dares any theatric jury
Keep such a natural unemployed?


With every second her lips get tighter,
And so do lines of her bitter role:
You’re such a travesty as a writer,
All that you think you made up, you stole!


I smile, remembering our adventure;
She takes it wrong and begins to craze.
At last. It’s time for a real danger:
Across the living room flies a vase.


I dodge it, thanks to a stretch of sinews;
The shards do get me below the sleeve.
I’d pull the curtain, but she continues:
You’re mere nothing, so if I leave


You’ll perish sooner than I will know it.
And let that not be a bad surprise:
You’re such a misery as a poet,
All that you wrote is a chain of lies!


The stroke of midnight is filled with rancor.
She’s sobbing, desperate and aloof.
The chain has tethered her to an anchor:
I have to sever it with a truth.


She acts no longer: an evil goddess
Has fallen down from her rage’s crest.
I hug her warmly and say with fondness:
I love you, darling. I love you best.

by D. Rudoy, March 9th–10th, 2019


My Muse” – One of the Best Love Poems of All Time


“A Short and Cheerful Explanation of a Serious Matter”

The boy whose parents Valentin
Named him, was neither bad nor mean.
He was, in fact, a lovely guy;
Nevertheless, I’d kill him. Why?
The girl I loved loved him instead
Of sleeping in my cozy bed!

by D. Rudoy, autumn 2009


Funny love poems


Love is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love Life

Think of some famous poems, think of the best love poems of all time. How many of them don’t rhyme?


D. Rudoy.

Types of poetry forms - "Love is poetry" by Danil Rudoy
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The rhyming love poem is a dying breed: if you don’t specify the rhyming part within a query, the search engine may offer you only free verses. Does it mean that modern poets have abandoned the hard and rewarding quest for the mesmerizing rhythm and perfect rhyme? “Love Is Poetry – Rhyming Poems About Love Life”, a brand-new collection of love poetry by Danil Rudoy, suggests that the land of exquisite rhyming still does welcome the daring literary connoisseur.

“Love Is Poetry – Rhyming Poems About Love Life”. A Tribute to the Best Poems of All Time

Classic love poetry takes you on a journey to your best self. For that, three ingredients are required: a poetic talent, a rhyme, and a rhythm. Combined, they form a magic solution that delivers the soul to a beautiful place where wisdom reigns over the hearts, and deep awe is the best proof of the validity of your experience.

The difference between love and life is illusory: those who loved once know it best. In “Love Is Poetry – Rhyming …” Rudoy demotes this barrier with the vehement determination of someone who’s seen the truth and wants to share it with mankind. His love pivots around evolution: the lyrical hero is painfully aware of how fragile we are and pushes himself to an extreme searching for happiness that will outlast a transient desire. He boldly wishes for his beloved “to have a lucid dream tonight”, i.e. to wake up to the immensity around us that likens the human soul to a brave candle flickering amidst infinity and looking for kindred flames.

Magical themes and images are fairly common in “Love Is Poetry – Rhyming …” as the poet explores human potential. Love here plays the role of a catalyst that prohibits giving up. And, much like the free verse is an alluring trap for those without a clear vision of their literary path, it is tempting to indulge in weakness and give in to destructive egoism that is especially detrimental in love affairs.

To Rudoy, rhyming poems about love are a quintessence of power, a magic key that opens the hearts of both the lover and the beloved making their passion mutual and everlasting. And the poet’s hope is that by reading “Love Is Poetry – Rhyming …” people will become not observers but active and conscious players building of their own happiness with those who once captivated their souls and opened their eyes to the beautiful shine of eternal love.

D. Rudoy on Love Poetry for Her

How would you describe your book in a few sentences?

Love is Poetry: Rhyming Poems About Love…” is a digest of fourteen years of my life spent in the creative search for love. The earliest poem in the collection was written in 2006, the latest in 2020; and a lot happened over those years. Some of it was beautiful, some sad, but without it all this poetry collection would never have happened.

When did you start writing love poetry?

As soon as I began falling in love, so at the age of eight (laughs). It may sound hard to believe, but I was an early bloomer. The first love poems I wrote were simple: I compared the beloved girl to a flower, noting the captivating beauty of her stare. With time, my focus changed, but the eyes of the women I loved have always been of key importance.

They say the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but it seems for you it’s in the eyes of the beloved?

Most certainly! (laughs)

The best love poems that you selected for this collection are hardly the happiest ones out there: is that a coincidence?

Among the best love poems of all time, you’ll find many a despondent one. For me, romantic poetry that ignores the anguish and the suffering misses on a very important part: that of becoming better by means of loving somebody.

The female characters in your love poetry, are they based on the same woman, or different ones?

I was blessed to have many muses, but there was one among them that stood out still. The deep love poems I wrote for her will likely remain among my most favorite ones regardless of how much poetry I’ll create for the rest of my life. So, if there is one thing I’d wish my readers, it’d be to love somebody as much as I loved her.

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