K. Silem Mohammad – Two Poems

K. Silem Mohammad

Two Poems

Scottish Hollywood

we were working near some molten metal one day
and a crude image of a coiled cobra with a swollen hood showed up

perhaps mens’ undergarments liquified air
to cut a silhouette of a gun

they’ll find it burnt and full of little chunks
of giant spooky servers

big flames shooting up off the scoop of my hissy fit
stolen Sherlock annually to go it’s tight

get in where you made myself
the ugly metal doll obeyed mindlessly

a priceless Da Vinci thing gets stolen from Scottish Hollywood
like have you ever stolen anything dude

you swear that your cat has stolen your pager
the best thing about it is that I don’t get a recording contract

“Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”
“I wonder what happened to him”

a seldom nameless stoic Red Riding Hood cookie jar
before the Red Riding Hood color pages

some unsubstantiated formalist Red Riding Hood point of view
and another psychotic Red Riding Hood pussy cock

sometimes another paternal undertaker near Anna Nicole Smith
whatever it takes to press a potato into the metal base

when most people fall out of heavy metal
they say nothing but rusted piles of doll clothes had killed a man


Whitney Houston’s ploughing
breaking ground for the spring
her fantasy is a bunny bleeding to death
she knew it would take some time swinging in her ropes
“I’m gonna rip off your brassiere”

I love all kinds of stuff
fascinating stuff that happens all the time
like when somebody in your family is near death
and they come back to life
as the greatest glam rock album of all time

I don’t understand men who can’t make love
I had been this unglamorous petty criminal
and had been sentenced to death
being naughty turned me on and scared me
you introduced me to one of your pieces of metal

family life is well balanced
and I love my dad who thinks he’s Amish
how I love to lay a finger between his knuckles
and what do you do with your brassiere
if you’re living on a train

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