Debrah Morkun


Somehow I feel the bleeder, and so I soak myself in disrepair

This is the American genius, and I can tell her now softly that I magazined my way to france for
hershey was wiling away in his factory creating chocolate bars

But before I could soften my way to the most brazen image of the arc de triomphe I recognized the
image of melkizador in the soap room cleaning his ass of the brigande who fucked him the night

This magistrate up my ass, I am puking in the sink, disrepair

When I come back from maine I have to live harder to the dollar and remember that I am not rich,
not a Rockefeller, so no more money to the swine

There are many ways to sex it up – give the foster children to the ocean, every single one, and that
is enough of a sacrifice for the turnip and the radish

Give one more hangover a sedative and let them know that I don’t care about rosary beads!  I don’t
care about the swivel chair in her office and how slowly it reclines!!

*    *    *    *    *    *    *

Everyone has an emergency voice that they use to announce the figments they see when no one else
is looking

Everyone has a remote control voice that they use to turn the channel on the dust bunnies so the
record they’re listening to sounds more like a motorcycle motor revved up

Everyone has truth in the voice when they face an emergency, like when the firefighters are forced
to come because there’s a big big fire & they can’t seem to put it out

But joseph konrad in fishtown choked on the smoke fumes and deathed up the grinch chord under his
motor honey

Everyone has the death voice that they use when they are talking to the radio producers, because
they can’t use their own natural voices, for then they would die laughing, and that wouldn’t be

Everyone has a motor city voice that they use in Detroit garages making the most sanctified ford
mufflers that will eventually fall off all cars and onto the highway and then they have to use their
help me voices

Everyone has a surgical voice they use when pulling their own heart out of the chests of gophers,
because gophers have human hearts, that’s off the record

Everyone has a plastic voice that sounds like the noise of pasta makers in bar harbor restaurants
when the mafia owned the kitchens and in cigarette scratched voices they would shout to the
bartenders that they need to slice the lemons more quickly

Everyone has perfumed voices that they use to smell nicely words

But Johnny has a seed voice, he spreads his apples over the highways in ohio and now they’re all
sprouting, the apple trees, and it’s so hard to pick them

And jonathan has a cucumber voice and I can’t hear it for it’s the voice of vegetable, like Johnny
with his gun after the first world war saying kill me, kill me

And Debrah has a laughing goat voice because she’s a Capricorn and she can see her own zodiac
reflection in the astrological map of the world

And jennifer has a fiber voice, it sounds like the crunch of cereal soaked in milk, but not so much
milk that the room needs redressing because the walls are the color of bleeding yellow construction

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