Bryan Martin and Louis T. Gordy – hit song

Bryan Martin and Louis T. Gordy

hit song

boys, i see when you dance
the janitor elvis
tattoos i hate:
1. fastfood
2. skirt mits
3. taz

but anyway, WHAM told me you guys should
dance when i see you
(i can’t dance) but i can walk
upon the sideroad around the house
computer is a parakeet
so the ape hates jesus
as much as richmond germflux
round nor’easter bunny time
this next jam is in braille y’all
it’s called
“braille jam”

sound is a pimple on the shape of your vibe
when you played in delmar
with staying power now that your leaving
is a custodial half-nelson
twin hair weave tutorial
mirror balls, tomax & xamot
mirror balls, tomax & xamot
totally chirstopher krossed ert
side a sale
mamie van doren cheap shots tossing
the salad of a nation
tear off my methaqualung

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