Kirby Wright – Moloka’i Beach House

Kirby Wright

Moloka’i Beach House

The interior doors
Have been torn off their hinges.

Lauhala mats cover the floor.
Papayas and guavas

Wait in a wicker basket.
Fanged Tiki gods flank the TV.

Tools of the kitchen have become
Ornaments.  A copper cake mold

Is mounted over the stove.
A platter with hand-painted fish

Hangs off the wall.
The storm windows are open.

Coconut trees on the beach
Are a curious bunch;

Some bend for the sun,
Others resist it.

Kona wind carries
The scent of deep ocean.

Islands are bunched
On the southern horizon.

The sea is a mirror—
It sends reflections into the house.

The Tiki gods smile
As the walls dance like rivers.

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