Bill Luoma – Two Poems

Bill Luoma

Two Poems

abundance and prosperity

They make of position an it
the abundance of units that make coasts
make the low one make none make the foot of makes it
of it makes what phlegm of that makes
makes the one of lateral makes
of estado membro the latex of makes
the line makes estado membro of the latex
of malleolus and of it makes
makes as it makes the humidity of it makes
the middle jiao is a soapy amalgam
of the ankle and of it makes
it transforms the coast and the traditional functions of one
that of coughing abundant makes
it calms the spirit of the indications
of headache of vertigo of beriberi
of coasts to swell of make it with the members
make it with one of the cadavers
make it the spirit of the abundant it makes makes it
the socket makes paragraphs of bing
with the vertigo of combination the illustrious ones make coasts
makes that it makes coasts
what of the one stabbing connection
of the one narrow channel of makes
of the box of the point of comments
makes of the spleen the IP of makes
it of the one in divergent
keeps the stomach in
abundance and prosperity.


The great collecting channel of the spleen
of they and posterior of unit
of of at point among canthus and access
disperses eyebrow of of with them of functions
the traditional ones of wind heat in head
eyes cool and release from a migraine of they
of indications headache of them
common facial one of paralysis and neuralgia
they of evils of head of diseases of eye of the traditional ones of the side and the midline
of of indications of of
of head and the cold pour of cattle shed
of hall and the contiguous ones of valleys
of them of them the conjunctivitis
they pour bamboo in the ear with the end of it
of with step the cattle shed pour sun.

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