Camille Martin – secret tilts

Camille Martin

secret tilts

what could it mean
contingent upon a painting
or a phonograph’s pronouns
coming to grips in the absence of sensory
fruit as if they were not
in the sense of great foggy homes
with anorexic mice

* * *

scribbled azure woodcock
its mission, yon pined earth murmur
with weary field clear delight
sweet chances holy by vale choice
liberty afloat    invent    melt    now sea harbor
plunging naked in the bright blue day
day blue bright in the naked plunge

* * *

noon lifts noon at light
new-appearing sacred adores light & now
mortals reeleth new homage in the way
of outgoing pilgrimage lest another clear tract
of the only way spinning & rolling

cold clear silent star

* * *

childhood sojourn heavy breeze
tower dwelling shower felling
gentle strewn water gulf

kindly garden chorus town
beryls westward ivory sky
gurgles wall dim pall
dreamy bats clicking dusk

* * *

here & there motley truth
now grind newer grind
next to most most false

gladly otherwise otherwise coin
frames the scene, spurs on the scene
ten times ten crowns shadows
wall complicit with door

* * *

secret tilts into a widespread anything happily

happenstance word betrays the shift & tether of failures
failing to lure to the wreck flowerbeds & splendid punctures

punctual paths trace letters curling & sinking through erratic waves
wavering between incidental & corrosive, swimming into a concept of dawn

dawn’s diamond dust consists of a simple equation of letters & rocks

rocklike in the happy failed punctures in waves of dawn

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