Melissa DeGezelle - Exact Cash at the Anorexic Bank

Melissa DeGezelle – “Exact Cash”

Melissa DeGezelle

Exact Cash at the Anorexic Bank

Open the bone lotion
Nap with a candle in the bathtub — that’s where the accident happened Stroke the ocean with the low tones of the phoneWhen all that mattered were grass blanketsIn the commotion of the hollow home

I stand at the platform with rats and battery packs

Focus on alone, the no show

I can’t balance the fashion of exact ass crack

Blow in slow motion

I need to ask about that rash

Obey or overthrow

Candy absence at the fat camp

Oh so mellow Ho

When the attacked nanny snapped after absinthe

Owner and owned

Couldn’t have calculated what happened with the man and his ’nad sack

Groped and roped

It’s time to pack snacks for the Catastrophe


The   everlasting FAD!


The      thanks DAD!

Ok, so

Where’s the back fat in magazines ads?


Make that canned asparagus and gala apple last


by Melissa DeGezelle


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