Michael Farrell – 3 Poems

Michael Farrell

3 Poems

le goldfish

just shoot me a moon dropped into my

peaceful home in my padded jacket

on the airbrushed course pistol whipping

a tasselled dreamboat in bloodred tie

a teary image in the bushes

upsetter im framed but i killed you

like wallpaper pasted & sprinkled

with daisies your trinkets my minor

landmarks reconciled with the sky now

its jewels adorn my unlined brow

le goat

they thought he was a jock they caught him

skipping on campus in a white sheet

it was christmas & everything

was made of cheap sweet cane & begged for

decoration soulfully like dew

like pearls they said billy your naked

bodys heading bumlast peachily

into the vortex kneehigh boots belie

your interest in the sacred you

love arcadia too much youre just

a lowrent bacchus you take the grape

le lion

suffused with innocence like rice with

water he represents ageold blue

superficiality his shorn

mane says strip the walls & like to see

tack cant you see replicated me

in the recess shreds of red tshirt

there was a boy trodden into the

floor his kiss was like vaseline his

nose torn open like an antelope

he ran his hand through his contraband

drips in the jungle are rank ferny

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