Dylan Willoughby – Shameless Plug

Dylan Willoughby

Shameless Plug

“Something smells delicious.”
Thus we are apprised of your progress
Which may some day be ours.

Don’t be a wet blanket, plum blossom, let
Those wafts rise as if they were
Utterances of burgeoning,

Proddings to thrive!  Take it in as
Required reading, an inviolable appointment
That over the long haul becomes

Your soul enjoyment.  Who is responsible
For the smell of oranges, you ask,
Whose scented fingers will rub the skin

Later and recall this scene?  One day I
Will emerge from this sick-rose cycle as
If from Chapter 11 bankruptcy—

All will be announced glowingly,
The coffee will be percolating; well,
That’s not quite it, but will have the aroma of being so.

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