Todd Colby – 2 Poems

Todd Colby

2 Poems

Memories of Yesteryear

Clothespins on my lap.
All the noodles you can eat.
I brought back the paper.
The problem with my mind
is not the kind of layering I need
a blue cake and a yellow cake and
a rub-on sticker album.
Complete lack of stout.
Grammar in the staid allegiance to
chrome mistakes, gigantic allergies.
I spoke to you, lead
pencil, and even lied to you,
it’s all for you.
Bumbling ache from body part,
to body part, to this:
the most dismissive
of aches.  You laughed,
leaning back in your chair
at last, and bruised your
head, getting it on.

Very Smartly Dressed

“Very smartly dressed,” I thought,
but “over-dressed,” from the vantage point
of the salmon which was greasy and not
at all appropriate to the sensation of falling
which we corrected and referred to as
vertigo, its true curse.  An inner ear infection,
I gathered.  Still when I found him slumped in his
store I took the opportunity to swipe a few
ties from the back display case, whatever.

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