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K. Silem Mohammad

Two Poems

Giant Squid Attack Threat but Race Goes on

Fun with recycling materials creates interesting diorama … a disable submarine stucked
in deep ocean floor, after an accident.  Without warning it was attacked … click image for
.  1915 German U-29 Strange beast climbed aboard.  It was so Giant Squid Attack
large that it caused the submarine to lean, and would not let go.
Atlantis falls under siege: whales, porpoises and giant squid attack the underwater
kingdom … big ass eel giant squid hungry barracuda angry turtle (real or imagined)?
Back on land, government agents have a gun battle with OGRE agents.  Aquaman spots
the sub carrying the bomb, and has a giant squid attack it.Do giant squid attack men?  Giant Squid Attack Submarine.  Giant Squid Attack
.  Two men in a lighthouse off the coast of Maine reported seeing a giant squid
attack a whale … and mind controlled ready to attack him.  Dave suggests a giant squid
attack: [with reverence] “I want to see a giant squid attack a sperm whale and battle to the
death.  For added fun, have a giant squid attack the boat.”Will the Johnson Sea-Link and crew be in danger of a giant squid attack?  “Well, there are
always the radar, the sonar device, the engine controls, the missile control pad, and the
button that electrified the hull of the ship in case of giant squid attack … great in
reflecting sound waves.”  Ships on the sea that find themselves on the receiving end of a
Giant Squid attack, will also sway in a violent fashion.  Cleaning up after an invisible
giant squid attack is also difficult, what with the great deal of ink an invisible giant squid
can produce.  Even the giant squid attack would be welcome, lesser of a threat than the
terrorist attacks.Polar ocean might have danger of
a. John Paul Jones
b. fungal rot
c. barnacles
d. giant squid attack
e. mutinySo What About the Attacks?  Specifically would the giant squid attack boats and people …
break them apart.  Sometimes, it is the other way around.  A dramatic example of “stuff
you aren’t supposed to know” … even down to the obligatory giant squid attack.

“It thinks we’re either a threat, food or a mate—it’s gonna either kill us, eat us, or….”
Lister assess the possibilities of a giant squid attack: ocean danger rating for storms 20%,
danger rating for giant squid attack 2%.

Ocean squares would also contain these ratings.  A typical Ocean square might be:
Ocean Danger: Storms Rating: 20%
Danger: Giant Squid Attack Rating: 2%

Becoming an Adult

Probably when you read the next lines you will freak out.  But everything I tell you now is
true.  The biggest secret ever.  You will freak out once I tell you.  You’ll be like oh my
.  I’m sure some of you will freak out when they hear Achtentachtig Prachtige
or Hottentottententententoonstellingen.  Yes, it’s Dutch!  You see this?
You will freak out exactly in four and a half minutes.

You will freak out if you accept this, “The life is a totality and I am one reality.”  Well.
Sometimes I freak out too.  IN OTHER WORDS? IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THE
argue that the Bible is a historical document and reflects the evolving moral development
of its authors, you will freak out.  But the fact is that others have said to me, that you will
freak out, you will lose touch, and you will let people down.

If you freaked out or puked when you listened to the first one, you will freak out or puke
exactly 3.5 times when you listen to this one!  The beginning is boring as hell, but when
you hear the clang of Scissorman, you will freak out and scream like a girl.  I bet if you
play it late at night by yourself in a dark room you will freak out and stuff.  Just because
it’s so odd and you don’t know what to do.  You will think many many bad baaaddd
things about your animal.  You will freak out about it, internally.  You will get with the
dark side of soft drugs.  This means you will freak out.  Freaking out is like passing out.
The light goes out and it might well be already.  If you ever see the etheric dimension of
the ghouls, you will freak out and become demented.  There are no steps you take?
Believe, when you see this chiken-like little monsters coming at you, chances are you
will freak out.

Have great day, I believe atleast today you will freak out and enjoy the best in company
of your pretty wife etc.  Super nice man … we are talking the lens is now in focus.  You
will receive a special visitor.  Betcha you will freak out!  When you’re done, look at the
back of your hand and you will freak out!  You will freak out, because everytime you do
it, it works!

For those of you that haven’t tried it.  Put a piece of bologna in a frying pan.  It will blow
up like a dome.  You will freak out!

Therapist: “So what makes you think you will freak out and die?”
Patient: “A goat-like figure with nasty horns appeared in pentagrams on all the walls,
nodding specifically at me, yes, you will freak out.”

Find an honest Armenian and ask him to translate you the verses of previous Armenian
national anthem.  As a Turk, you will freak out.  Going after starry pan-Islamic futurists
with a rubber glove and a sharp stick…. I promise you will freak out on the future
episodes of “Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka.”  Well, let’s wait and watch.

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