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S H A M P O O   30

Rachel Abramowitz can run and jump and wield a waffle maker with stunning precision, but only at certain latitudes.  when she is no longer 41°39’21” N, 91°31’30” W, she would very much like you to take her to an aquarium.

Diana Adams lives in Alberta, Canada.  her first book of poetry Cave Vitae is now out from Plain View Press.  she is preoccupied with poultry and wears garbage bags most days to paint with her three wee toddlers.  she is also a poetry editor for Del Sol Review.

Michael Aiken can recall having sighted one or more live wild foxes 5 times within the last 20 years: on the beach at Copacabana (NSW, not the Other Copa) in 1993; from a distance in the hills around Oberon in the late 80s or early 90s; at Guthega, summer 92-93 (a particularly memorable occasion, the fox being very young, very close, in daylight and in no rush to flee); along the freight rail lines beside White Bay power station in 2001, and possibly once at the end of NotEvilMatt’s street in Hackney, 1998.

Stan Apps is a poet and essayist, originally from Toronto, Canada, and Waco, Texas.  currently, the gusty winds of Capital are tearing him loose from his root-system in Los Angeles, California, and transplanting him to Tampa, Florida.  his books are Info Ration (Make Now) and soft hands (Ugly Duckling); upcoming books include God’s Livestock Policy (Les Figues) and Why I Joined the Avant-Garde (essays from Combo Books).

Lindsey Boldt is a very silly person who lives behind a curtain in the Western Addition.  she recently graduated from The Evergreen State College and has been wandering bewilderedly around San Francisco ever since.

Otto Chan, purple-haired provocateur.

Ron Czerwien is the owner of Avol’s, a used and out-of-print book store in Madison, Wisconsin.  a few of his false translations of poems by René Char appeared in Moria.  “Chaos Shirt” is from a manuscript in progress titled L(B)ean, containing poems excavated from product descriptions in the L. L. Bean catalog.  the questions most frequently asked by his customers can be found here.

Martha L. Deed lives in North Tonawanda, New York, on the Erie Canal where she watches skinny coyotes slipping on the ice in winter.  therefore, she washes her hair at home.  her chapbook, 65 x 65, was published in December, 2006 by Peter Ganick’s small chapbook project.

Andrew Demcak’s new book of poetry, Catching Tigers in Red Weather, won the Three Candle Press 2007 Open Book Prize.  its publication is forthcoming from Three Candles Press, and it will be available at Barnes and Noble,, and other fine retailers.  he is currently working on his second Master’s Degree, an MLIS, at U. C. Berkeley.  when he is not hard at work driving the Bookmobile for Oakland Public Library, he can be found attending “GuyWriters” poetry readings at Anthony’s house in San Francisco, or eating Tibetan momos with his partner, Peter.  viva Wallace Stevens!

Arpine Konyalian Grenier has graduate degrees in science and the arts.  her work has appeared in How2, Columbia Poetry Review, Sulfur, The Iowa Review, Big Bridge, and elsewhere.  she loves to shampoo with Cioran, Mahler, Scriabin, Piazzola, pomegranates, and eggplant.

Anne Heide was born in the same year as Swatch, Jaws 3-D, and the McNugget.  she edits the journal CAB/NET out of Denver.  you can find her poems elsewhere at Coconut, Octopus, Dusie, Sidebrow, and No Tell Motel, among others.

Jane Joritz-Nakagawa’s first poetry book, Skin Museum, contains no FD&C; Red or Blue.  her second book, Aquiline, kills most bacteria and fungi, including their spores.  either book may rehydrate, soften and restore dry or chemically-treated hair.

Tom Laverty is an MA candidate at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.  in his spare time he works as a lamplighter in Marquette’s 163rd district.  he is currently looking for a used weight bench, and two ten-pound hand weights.

Cassie Lewis lives in upstate New York with her partner, George Getman, and two cats.  they divide their time among a variety of settings. George takes photos constantly, few see them. Cassie collects books she intends to read but rarely finishes.  in her mind things happen and then she sometimes acts.  the world is very beautiful and still but with great fury when you move closer.  in winter it snows.

Diana Magallón is a graphic designer iaa, iaaa, o

Ben Mirov is 26 years old.  he lives in San Francisco, but is moving to New York very soon to attend the New School’s MFA program in creative writing.  he spends some of his time writing about music, and some of his time editing .  today he ate a cup of coffee, a banana, three chocolate chip cookies, and some vitamins.

Catherine Paquette is a Montreal-based writer whose work has appeared in various Canadian publications, and most recently her long-poem chapbook was published by Mercutio Press.  when not engrossed in words, she dedicates herself to watching L-Word tribute videos on YouTube by candlelight.

Alveraz Ricardez is a skilled tambourine man and ostrich jockey, also known to moonlight as the co-editor of Kill Poet Press & Journal.

Xu Smith lives between quotation marks.  she co-edits Electronic Poetry Review.  she ghost rides the whip in Oakland, California.

Matina L. Stamatakis is an ex photographer currently residing in
upstate New York as a card merchandiser and mother on the brink of sanity.  when she feels closer to the edge (at least twice a week) she takes it as a perfect opportunity to write poetry.  some of her most recent works have appeared in Dusie, Free Verse, Nthposition, and Otoliths.

Ann Stephenson is a southern girl living in New York City.  her chapbook is called Wirework and her poems have appeared in MIRAGE #4/PERIOD(ical), Saint Elizabeth Street, Sal Mimeo, and TYPO.  she thinks about shampooing more than she actually shampoos.

John Moore Williams.  smile live wire, lie where ominous hopes rejoinder.  render I o joy, see poor houses sound immanent raw isles.  John’s work can also be found at Kill Poet and Venereal Kittens.

Kathryn Zurlo lives in Connecticut and loves cheese.  she likes to use words that earned you a bar of soap in the mouth when you were little.

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