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the normally acerbic Carl Annarummo can be seen roaming around the streets
of Sommerville, Massachusetts with a crooked smile reminding those who are brave
enough to listen that his “poems and stories have appeared in Poetry
, Whimperbang, Venture, and can we have our ball back?.”  either that or he’s in the basement playing ping pong while he waits for his delicates to dry.

Jim Behrle is known for his hilarious bio statements.  keep up with his day-to-day silliness at

Bill Berkson’s latest book of poems is Fugue State, available from SPD.  his
selected criticism, The Sweet Singer of Modernism & Other Art Writings
, will be published by Qua Books in September 2003.  his mother,
who turns 100 this August, and whose account of the doings of Seventh Day Adventists formed the basis for the poem “Extreme Patience,” was born and raised in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Melissa Berren is an attorney and writer who lives and gets her hair cut in Arizona.  Shafer Hall would like to make it clear that most of
the burps in their poem are Melissa’s.  Melissa would like to make it clear that Shafer better shut up or he’s gonna get it.

Anselm Berrigan is the author of two books of poetry, most recently Zero Star Hotel (Edge Books).  he is on the verge of quitting two jobs, a most joyous set of circumstances indeed.

Megan Burns is a graduate student at the University of New Orleans.  her poems have appeared in magazines and online journals such as Exquisite Corpse, Brown Box, Kitty Litter Press, and The Double Dealer Redux.

William Corbett has migrated northward for the summer.  check out his many books, including Boston Vermont.  and don’t miss his editorial prowess at Pressed Wafer.

Del Ray Cross has been bulldozered, has risen from the rubble with a silly grin on his face.

Jennifer Dannenberg has wavy green hair and washes it regularly with color enhancing shampoo.  and writes with a towel wrapped around.

Peter Davis’s chapbook of poems is A Star Behind a Star from The Barnwood Press.  he lives in Muncie, Indiana with his wife, their new son, Maxwell, and his female dog, Hank.

Laurie Duggan lives in Brisbane, Australia, and has just published Mangroves, his eleventh book of poems.  he’s a Gemini, a big Kristin Hersh/Throwing Muses fan, and washes his hair every other day.

Denise Duhamel’s most recent book, Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2001), got a boost when Garrison Keillor read one of her poems on his radio show The Writer’s Almanac.  she was recently a winner of one of Jane magazine’s promotional contests—she was the recipient of an 8 ounce tube of Rough Paste, a new styling gel which works very well on her curly hair.

Nava Fader is: aging rapidly, mother of two, school librarian, shy but working on it, enamored of arts and crafts but always getting glue everywhere.

Michael Farrell is a typical Libran.  he had another line but ‘the signs’ told him to delete it.

Kira Frederick is an ice cream enigma.

Susan Gevirtz lives in San Francisco and teaches in the MA in Visual Criticism program at California College of Arts and Crafts; the Hellenic International School of the Aegean, Paros, Greece; and the MFA in Poetry
programs at the University of San Francisco and San Francisco State University.  her most recent books include Hourglass Transcripts (Burning Deck) and Black Box Cutaway (Kelsey Street).  an optometrist recently told her that her eyes are so differently shaped from one another that they could have come from different people’s heads.

Louis T. Gordy resides in Willards, Maryland.  he is a dishwasher.

David Hess is not a person but an epigram penned by Kent Johnson.  “Poem” represents only one of the countless sparks that fly when David and Eileen Tabios touch on paper.  he blogs at Heathens in Heat.

translations by Tom Hibbard have appeared in Drunken Boat and Willow Springs.

Jill Jones pays her hairdresser Sam way too much but, then, she is a Libran.  this could be the reason why she hates hair falling across her face (see her poem).  Wild Honey Press will soon release a chapbook of
hers called Struggle and Radiance: Ten Commentaries.

W.B. Keckler’s book Sanskrit of the Body (Viking-Penguin) won in the National Poetry Series and will be available in June, 2003.  he likes knocking his head against Cyrillic walls and screaming “Life Partners!” randomly in shopping malls.

Kevin Killian is the author of several books—novels, plays, memoirs, poetry, non-fiction—including a new one Island of Lost Souls (Nomados).  recent DVD purchases include The Outer Limits, Season One; The Cardinal with Tom Tryon and Romy Schneider; West Side Story Expanded Edition; and Kylie Minogue Fever Tour Live in Machester.  US –> out of Iraq.

this is the second time Erin Kim has contributed her art for SHAMPOO, and although no one really reads these bios she has been forced to write another one.  Erin enjoys slacking and doing as little work as possible which at times conflicts with her job.  her best assets are procrastination and lying very still.  she does manage to get out for a little while to visit with friends but relishes the time she spends on her couch.

Julie Kizershot served as the Naropa Summer Writing Program Coordinator from 1998-2001 in Boulder, Colorado.  she has had work published in Bombay Gin, Thirteenth Moon, The Sonora Review, The Paterson Literary Review, Calyx, and other small magazines.  she teaches writing and literature at Naropa University.  she also spends an inordinate amount of time plotting future travel destinations on the internet.  someone please inform her how to break this habit!  or grant her the funds to go….

Mark Lamoureux was raised by appliances.  a nervous disposition kept him from joining the circus at an early age, so he turned instead to a life of poetry and penury.  turn-offs include: Garrison Keillor, pointy shoes, and invasions.

Susan Landers co-edits Pom², and is the author of 248 mgs., a panic picnic (O Books, forthcoming).  she adores Allen Iverson, beagles, and water ice.

Cassie Lewis is a Taurus.  as promised in an earlier bio note, she now has short hair.

Bryan Martin has lived and loved in Salisbury, Maryland his whole life.  except he currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama.  Baltimore and algebrassiere make him cry.

Seth McMillan is the orange-suited man with black hair.  the waste sweeper in Jehovah’s metropolis.  and he strips panel board in his bedroom.  sleeps with the wall unearthed.  how many gnomes come in to feed him tapioca?  he is published in Foliate Oak, Apples and Oranges, Tamafyhr Mountain and he’s the editor of a new online journal, SpaceBreather.

Joseph Victor Milford is currently a fulltime English instructor at Coastal Georgia Community College.  work is forthcoming or has appeared in can we have our ball back?,
The Canary, First Intensity, Wisconsin Review, etc.  he has recently discovered that he is Paracelsus reincarnated and that he enjoys phrenology (but people get mad if you don’t ask first, he’s noticed).

use Murray Mouldings to prettify your ceiling, cover those unsightly cracks in your pastiche, smooth life’s ugly dark corners before the relatives show up looking askance.  available where fine lines are a must if barely legible.

Sheila E. Murphy has lived most of her adult life in Phoenix, Arizona.  she really likes her hair and is pleased with her shampoo.  she has been seeing the same stylist for 20 years.

Chris Murray was chosen over tens of thousands to be pinch hitter for A-Rod.  when not batting the object of the game around with Oh-So-Fine ball players, she teaches writing and is an editor for Znine, UT Arlington’s online lit mag.  some of her work can be found at can we have our ball back?, Znine, Eclectica, and Yale Anglers’ Journal.

Chad Parenteau’s new book is Self-Portrait In Fire.  if you’d like one, send
five dollars to 75 Gates St., South Boston, MA 02127.  yes he’s back in Boston.
just don’t ask him how much of his stuff is still at his ex’s place.

Mark Peters is a writer, teacher, and juggler from Buffalo, New York.  his long, black, curly hair is a joy to behold, but don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.  Dr. Peters also enjoys raspberry Italian sodas, Jamaican jerk chicken wings, long walks on the beach, the NBA playoffs, and Evildead 2.

Nick Piombino.   Mercury is in retrograde but he’s washed it all out with the Shampoo 3rd
Anniversary issue!  the bad hair day is finally over!  visit him at fait accompli.

Sarah E. Rehmer currently resides in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, where she studies philosophy and creative writing.  in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, she will be relocating to Portland, Oregon, where she will foster her obsession with scallywags, crooks, rogues, vagabonds, wiseguys, and slippery characters of every sort.

Barbara Jane Reyes is obsessed with dogs for reasons she cannot explain.  her favorite new book of poetry is Huu Thinh’s The Time Tree (Curbstone Press).  her first book, Gravities of Center, will be available very very soon thru Arkipelago Books.

Suzy Saul has put up her dukes and is fighting the good fight.

Phoebe Sayornis.  vital stats: H:5’10”; W:137; Hair:Bro; Eyes:Bro; Sexual Preference:Daily; “I’m not really a writer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night.”

Philippe Soupault was one of the original French Surrealists.  he co-wrote with Andre Breton Magnetic Fields and later became friends with William Carlos Williams.

Juliana Spahr stays at home a lot to worry about rising ocean levels, melting glaciers, and other human induced environmental disasters.  she is the author of Fuck You-Aloha-I Love You, Everybody’s Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity, and Response and the co-editor with Jena Osman of Chain.

Alex Stolis has been a janitor, a counselor, a waiter, a bartender, a housekeeper, a salesman, a cook, a criminal, a has-been and a never-was.  he loves his wife, his dog, his kids, The Replacements, The Pixies, and Paris.

Gary Sullivan.  don’t just swoon.  he’s amazing!

Eileen Tabios has refused to cut her hair for 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.  when she starts drinking wine, she starts making things up on poetics; check out drunken lucidity (or is it lucid drunkenness? hic!) at WinePoetics.

Matthew Wascovich fell into Lake Erie while at Edgewater Park.  he was rescued by a swimming dog named Tramp that freed him from the trap of two rocks near the pier.  during his bicycle ride back to Tremont, he realized he left his towel on the beach.

on Wednesday at the St Kilda Public Library, Nick Whittock shelved 506 books over a
four hour shift, comfortably surpassing Brian Lara’s record (501).

Dylan Willoughby lives in the East Village, where he is at work on a half-mock-epic.  recent poems of his have appeared in can we have our ball back? (#16), Hiram Poetry Review, and Pom².

Maw Shein Win lives in Berkeley, California.  when not working on Comet, she has been seen at the cable car turnaround playing tambourine for folkadelic troupe The Flower Cops.

Kirby Wright says there’s a strange beach house on the southeastern shore of Moloka’i island inhabited by ghosts.  if you go, beware the minefield of sting rays offshore and red octopi that bite.

Stephanie Young has appeared all over Oakland in the Shotgun “I can’t believe it’s not butter!” truck.  she shampoos every few days and you can find her almost anytime at the well nourished moon.  blog 4-evah!

Tim Yu used to be a person but is now a blog.  you can visit him at


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