Mike Young – Eat Your Mercury

Mike Young

Eat Your Mercury

If somebody came up to you today, a patriot, an American, and said would you sign this
paper. Oroville Wal-Mart employees donned costumes from their favorite Hollywood
stars and were treated to a barbecue lunch in celebration for being named Store of the
Region, which includes all California stores. That is of course when humanity in general
isn’t shocking the jellybeans out of me.
Pizza, my boss on the ranch, Miss Alma Ghianda,
tried to get me to eat Pizza in about 1956 or ’57. I turned her down it looked funny. For
years, people have been complaining that the city should attract a nice restaurant like
Applebees. Then when we get one, someone complains they were served the wrong
food. Well that happens.
Glenn County authorities are continuing an investigation of an
incident last weekend involving rifle shots fired toward a Hmong family fishing on a
bank of the Sacramento River north of Butte City. Hey-it’s-my-job-to-tell-you-this-is-
working militarists. He found his two young children hiding in a closet, but didn’t harm
them. Pay attention to the Meth Update column in this paper. You may find clues there
that will help you to tackle your own meth problem. I contacted some iron collectors to
check my facts. The man, identified as Clifford Jean Dupee, 49, reportedly aimed the rifle
at his mother-in-law, Linda, 64, before turning it on himself and apparently committing
suicide. The Old Time Fiddlers provided us. Later came mastodons, giant sloths and
saber-toothed cats. What I didn’t know until I read Steve Carson’s “Outdoors” newspaper
column was that most of the common sport fish in central California have been
introduced from the eastern U.S.!
Shad, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, barbed wire,
spotted bass, black crappie, white crappie, all catfish species, cards used during the gold
rush, shoes, brown trout, brook trout, lake trout (extreme shoe fashion down through
history), kokanee salmon, the Mother Orange Tree, and even the lowly carp, bluegill and
sunfish. BEAR CAT chipper / shredder 5” limbs. Dew clawed, 1st shots, ready now.
Hobbie Auto Center and Nelson’s Footwear invites the public to support their fourth
annual shoe and sock drive now through March 31 to benefit Oroville Police’s Shoes-
That-Fit program. The Table Mt. Men played their 4M-BB Devil Ball. On Friday Feb.
29th, about 11 a.m., I felt sick. I was in front of the post office on Robinson, and I had a
seizure in the car. While I was out, someone had robbed me of my money. I woke up in
the hospital around 3:30 Feb. 29th. Did anyone see anything? Please call the paper.
club voted to donate $5 for rose bushes at the school. What called to me were the two
irons on the Lott home kitchen. Ben and Teddy Pruden, Gail Murrell, and Wixom
volunteered to help in planting them, and individual improvement was offered by Jackie
Andresakis. Songs were led by George Day and Myra Nicklas. We are at war, and the
people we are at war with are all around in our country. Would you sign this paper?

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