Joseph Torra – 2 from After the Chinese

Joseph Torra

2 from After the Chinese


In coterie
nothing but
geese babble!
Dwarves watching

a play what can
they see, or do?
Ape the good,
the bad, and
the bubbly?

Letter to Mei Yao Ch’en

Dear Mei,

I like your idea of trying out poems on servants and deleting anything
not clear.  Some of today’s established poets might be disconcerted the
Brazilian girl making their latte to go, or the Haitian bus boy, or the
house cleaner, might understand their poems.  As poetry becomes further
compartmentalized and shrouded in theory, it’s hard to find the poem
swimming in the murky tides.  Imagine a plumber who can’t unplug your
toilet unless you’ve cracked the code behind the snake?


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