Dodie Bellamy – Post-It

Dodie Bellamy


he was so dirty that the printer wanted to clean him up before
     he signed his own books
daring to be monstrous, the beauty
to see unseens, to make visible what is not
the blues of uprootedness
you can’t even buy gravlox on the west coast
that’s modernisms—with an S
how can you see wind without fog
tension in the diaphragm
I learned all I know about mid-century furniture from eBay
it’s easy—you take some salt and a bit of sugar
we need an edge
it was translating Kafka that pushed him over the edge

planet earth is blue, ball joints loose, no legs
too square for the hips
you’ve been doing it for 15 years, what’s another two hours
if I ever lose my faith
if I ever lose my faith
if I ever lose my faith
he came to me in fragments like a puzzle
covered in tulle
we’ve got you covered
you look like Gumby (in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger)
search for blue Capri or Atlas dots
too hip for the squares
what is it have I seen it before will it hurt me or help me

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