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Maw Shein Win

Soap Opera Secrets

All My Children

Synopsis:  Erica fumed when Adam followed her to the secluded cabin where she had intended to
spend some time alone.  When Mona thought Adam would harm Erica, she had Dimitri rush to
the rescue.  After Erica told Adam that she could never love him, he agreed to give her a divorce.
Erica admitted to Adam that she’s attracted to Dimitri, but she doesn’t want him to know it.


In her flame-red sweater from Marshall’s,
Erica steers her SUV
through the forest backdrop,
truckstop tires crushing painted underbrush.

She’s had it with Adam and his headlong love.
Following her to the nail salon, following her through the forest.
The last time she saw him, his right eye lewdly twitched.
She slapped him twice before the commercial break.


Was it just three episodes ago that Adam and I rolled around on peach satin comforters, close-up
of my cheek on his chiseled back?
Imagining Dmitri instead.
Square-jawed, blonde-slicked and occasionally perceptive.

I know what Mona thinks.
I’m complicating the script and I should listen to the producer.
Yet the moment I saw Dmitri walk onto the set, I knew what I wanted, and I’ve never wanted
anything more.  Anything.

Another World

Synopsis:  A terrified Jenna realized that she was Rick’s prisoner, but Dean broke down the door
to rescue her.  Ryan arrived at the club after Dean had fired a shot at a mystery person he saw
running from the club.  Ryan was arrested for shooting Rick, who died.


Jenna feels like Patty Hearst.
Squatting down in the filthy closet, she bites her lower lip.
Friggin’ Ryan, this is all his fault.
If he just hadn’t picked me up at that bar last season, and we didn’t fall in love, move to San Jose
and have baby Rachel, give her up for adoption then try to get her back from that abusive couple.
Oh and try crystal at Lola’s sister’s fiance’s party that one night, start a habit, freak out on
Saturday night, come to this damn club, sleep with Rick, then steal his cash box . . . well, I
wouldn’t be here.


Jenna can hear a Jewel song from the bar downstairs,
the haunting lyrics echoing through her brain.
With her long red curved nails, she scratches at the walls of the closet,
tears splashing off rouged cheeks.

Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!

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