James Wagner – 3 Poems from Trilce

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James Wagner

3 Poems from Trilce


             The tragic invest a man a no
no longer leave a door my lavendoorer:
Lola baby end such veins or tear the nose,
in each charity suckering, you have no heat
the pregnant armies yodel jab at
the tragic turbaned        the injustice.

             I hear Ken oh hey Ken yeah yeah a lazy gas,
I miss false lashing and canons
I’ll end soap art and plumb her, yet odes lack corsets
the elevator detained cues air and me,
today’s no established meaning
a mild odor.

                          Quieted on the super party,
fratricides, suicides counsel trigonometric bonding.

             You say super see hat lover;
you say super water     man and no entered
and entered      the soap is livid as my color
leave under a dolmen.  Woman and no entered
satisfied, capably the berries, the chosen
the proper keys and sable, case in point
                          CAN WE NOT ASK A DOOR!
azaleas end plans char today’s lost cause.


             Rhomboid zen oven data poor leave it to the gulls
could you miss me.  Today’s no lover,
averred.  You found her hastier    close as a sea,
you fully pass a door.

             Double the caliper        lack areas
versus the basic ambient, so lady
here I come for the hairy date               actually
I squint and revive, not a meeting.

             Sunless grand doors,
I’ll greet I’ll gill, lacerated the carry home,
lab you enter summers in suffices the
             Could the coals stay on her sad purity,
apricot  a testy they call so        a trill is
trans-man and hourless save us enlist doubt.

             I hear I hear I guess minute terrors
said entranced dulcet radish, dormant todays, opinions
disputes, you’re balding,
it matters both for us, others     day 1921.


             Many names sorted I, alcohol
way helloing parallel my fault or powder;
and try the eternal.

             Many names a gun day,
serious latin dacha paddles
can unpart deeper cards, Perugia
the carnivores in cellar.

             Been beautiful carted east.
Burying many names in many names,
enter lust arrows the keying demons,
march in the hospital halfway
donate trespass my proper friend
has a bird ever echoed
in quieter corner   friend  has she a lisp halter.

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