Kirby Wright – Oceanside Beach, California, Summer 2

Kirby Wright

Oceanside Beach, California, Summer 2005

Pink and yellow umbrellas
Frost the foggy sand.

Surfers in wetsuits
Bob like apples

In a greenish-gray stew.
Sails fatten with wind.

Delicious bikinis patrol the strand.
The Beach Boys croon from a bungalow.

There are two girls for every boy,
A woman for every man.

Toddlers toy with plastic shovels
While margaritas are sipped

From cans.  The celebration goes on for miles.
The marine layer gets assaulted

By the noonish sun—
Waves will turn green

In less than an hour.
When I was younger

The beach seemed much warmer.
Have you seen my wife?

Legs churning north in aqua shorts.
Surging foam picks up clumps of kelp,

Tumbleweeds them over the sand.
Checkered black and yellow flags

Whisper currents and tragic undertows.
Sun ignites our faces—

We’re exposed
Like drunks at a bar ready to close.

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