Gautam Verma – (verma)

Gautam Verma


cat catamarans down the Orinoco river

cat cataracts down Victoria falls

cat catapults itself from table to table (fort to fort)

cat catcalls to the misses in the yard (the robin the pigeon)

cat catalpa-like catwalks the carpet up & down

cat catheters into crooks & crannies

cat catches cotton balls in its claws & mouth

cat catches a cat nap

(cat catatonia cat sometimes suffers from

cat catacombs only cat knows about)

cat catches sight of cat in reflecting glass

cat catchphrases catch up with cat

cat caters to cat sensibilities

cat catabolizes its cat chow

cat catalyses this catalogue of catly quidities

cat catechistically tests its limits (tempers its spirit)

cat categorically denies cat cataclysms

(cat categorises this list as catachrestically flawed)

cat catharsis follows cat catastasis cat catastrophe

cat caterwauls in the night

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