John Tyson – (tyson)

John Tyson

Value Village
                                  for Stacy


                     found tangerine
                     work shirt

hanging on resale shop rack
unwashed reeking ex-lover’s fruit
tangerine found unwashed hanging


we shed our skin after death
like lovers before a bath
fuck      work      struggle

                                    found ex lover’s returned work shirt        tangerine!


returned to the scene of a crime
found tangerine work shirt hangin
unwashed reeking of a sailor’s mattress
mistrust hanging on a resale shop rack reeking
unwashed reeking ex lover’s faded fruit hung.


                          faded tangerine work shirt found hanging on a resale shop rack


softly unwashed pockets
unkempt secrets
                                                      arabesque twist left wafting.

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