Rodney Koeneke – 3 Poems

Rodney Koeneke

3 Poems

Clam Phenomenology

Cod is pretty good in chowder, as is haddock.
you add just enough to make the clam liquid appear
Some like their clams plain,
     I can improve them

Prove to them
by wiping up the chocolate rim around their feet
the whole idea has germinated

from reading too much “Psycho Clam”

Save It for the Clam

Low Frequency Transmitter Site is Clam

Lake, Wisconsin.  Our facility is staffed by two

Highly trained security professionals, whose work
on the equipment and antenna system maintains
the antenna right-of-way

Fresh Maine Seafood Systems
with Tahiti Joe’s XXX hot pepper sauce?
Make it a “Na Koho Night” tonight

Not saying to turn your head the other way
    but simply telling yourself to say out loud:
“I think I have a clam problem.”

That’s Just the Clam Talking

If the Scientologists have their way, Hubbard’s incoherent
ravings will remain their
true credo

There is but one right way to make clam chowder
and one awesome place to store CDs

If the Scientologists in fact are right,
$4.99 is a Crazy Platter of Justice

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