Chris Stroffolino

Chris Stroffolino

Blue Flute

You see
this guy why
do birds what
the world
this guy’s in
love needs
now suddenly
appear with you
is love sweet
love it’s everytime
you’re near
the only thing
if you see me
walking just like
me yes I’m
in love down
the street and I
start to cry

What do you get
when it’s the only
thing they long
to be you fall
in love you
walk by each time
we meet stars
fall out of a girl
with a pin
one less bell
to burst your bubble
who looks at you
the way I do it’s not
the way you kiss
when you smile
there’s just too little of
I can tell that touched
my heart the angels
got together one less egg

To walk on by we don’t
need another mountain we
know each other
very well it’s not
the way you look
that’s what you get
for all your foolish
pride golden starshine
trouble my hands are
shaking don’t let another
mountain this morning

I wake up wishin’
and hopin’ raindrops
keep before falling I
put on my makeup head
and Don’t make me
just like a guy I’ll never
fall over in your eyes
whose feet are too of blue
big now that I’ve
for that is his bed
that is why I say
a little nothing
seems to fit that tears
me apart many many
night, all the girls in town…

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