Shane Allison – 3 Poems

Shane Allison

3 Poems

Swell Crack and Bleed

Want I that man only the
Poetry is man my
My man poetry good so, so
Good so me treats man
My is who poetry
Men fingered tricky
Those they them than better
Me treats he men old fingered tricky
Than better me treats he fingers
Tricky with men old than
Fingers tricky with men than me
Treats he better men old than better
Me treats he poetry for ask I could
Better nothing poetry than man better a
Man better a for ask couldn’t for ask
I could better nothing
Better nothing for ask can’t
Knows poetry what is move every my
Move every my knows poetry what is move
Every my move every my knows poetry knows thinking
Poetry thinking am I thinking am I what
Knows poetry thinking I’m what
Thinking I’m what knows poetry
Poetry bleed I pages of cracks and
Cracks and cracks on cracks of pages
Page the skin the onto bleed page the of skin
The onto page the onto
Bleed I crack I swell I and me to comes
Poetry it poetry to comes it when do I
What is bleed and crack swell bleed
And crack swell I bleed and crack
Swell me makes poetry is who man my
Bleed and crack swell
Me to does poetry man my what is this
Man old my poetrys poetry man old man
Poetry man oh me to do you what man oh poetry
Me to do you what poetry right just it get I
Until write I when do fingers my crack and bleed
Crack and bleed they until bleed and crack they until
Write I swell fingers my until penis a like swell
My until swell fingers my until write I penis big
Big great great a like is pen my penis great big a
Penis big great a is pen my and is paper what is skin
Sugar like be poetry skin like be paper like
Me to be poetry what is tank my in sugar
Tank my in sugar tank my in sugar
Like be poetry tank my in sugar
Like be poetry tank my in sugar is poetry
Tank your in sugar with sixteen sweet and sixteen

Naked Butt

Naked fucking butt you
See to want I naked you
See to want I cream with explodes cock
Your of geyser the till again
Meat kosher your whack
& Meat your whack I as
Cherry exquisite your pop
You fuck you enter & sun
The to legs your with comforter
Plaid the on freckles of back that
On you lie bed twin your
On you throw wanna I
Crack Jewish you’re from
Pudding that taste butt
Your eat to want I pants
Pajama my staining
Cum-pre little a feel
Can mirror the in yourself
At look you as cock my stroke
Finger my you give
To in reaching
Of dreams
Dangling balls
Mirror the in penis
Wet cold off
Drying your at open
Slightly door the of slit
Through look legs
Pale dead
Your down ass your
Of trench the into crashing
Nipple of hill the over
Rolling chest your down
Cascading water nude
Completely naked you
See to love would I

Be Nice to Me or I Will Write a Mean Poem about You

You better be nice to me
Or I will write a mean poem about you
And have it published in major literary magazines.

Don’t fuck with me.
I will call you a great big asshole in a poem,
So you better be nice to me.

I will make up things about you,
And the way I tell it, people will believe it
And editors of major literary magazines will want to publish it,

So you better watch your step
Watch what the hell you say
And be very, very nice to me
Because with a single stroke of my pen,
I could ruin you, make your life hell on earth in a poem
And have it published by a major poetry publisher.

Go ahead, ask around. Ask those whose lives I have screwed up.
They have been banished, living in exile in the far reaches of the
earth that no one knows about
Because they were not nice to me.

So when you see me, you better smile pretty,
Kiss my ass and mean it,
Because if you are not nice to me,
You could find yourself in a book of poetry
Published by a world-renowned publisher of poetry
Who is by the way, ever so nice to me.

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