Michael Carr – The Greatest Prawn on Earth

Michael Carr

The Greatest Prawn on Earth

Intentional misuse of the first part
precipitates in
considerable misrepresentation
of the second part.

The first part isn’t trout.  To continue:

If at any point
the party of the second part concludes
that a misuse of
the first part is a signal menace, this
will be purported
with an under-current of contriteness,
and water must be
an ideal medium to integrate.

An established count
of pens misplaced has exemplified this.

For the same reason
tap water when it’s aerated will fill
a receptacle
that’s airtight but distinguish the air that
was concealed before
in the liquid, though present none the less.

Ray Collins is our
example.  As the crook-politician
in Citizen Kane
his temper turns out to be rather mild
in spite of the bad
rap made against him, and considering
it to be his most
“noteworthy” role, one might well wonder what
to make of Ray’s case.

In order to facilitate our thoughts
here are some questions:

How does a haunting little melody
become vulgar?

Was the Good King Wenceslas a snowflake?

Could all the mail from
all of the mailboxes in the city
of Boboville be
collected from them right on the dot of
1 o’clock daily,
this efficiency would be too much to
allow a segue.

Somehow it will continue in an odd
integration that
frees itself from elaborate systems
of cantilevers
and pulleys, hooked to something that’s gone or

A premise of this
sort is evaluated as follows:

Eisenstein and
his stubenmadchen Adele, in Strauss’s
operetta, had
met at ein grand Souper.  Socially it’s
an awkward moment.

Their involvement, all part of being duped,
doesn’t let knowledge
corroborate how matters are being
set in relation.

The maid can still laugh at her employer’s
recognition to
where he must beg pardon for the mistake.

The effect is to
not treat the circumstances, a certain
way that they are used.

The flying lions
had been swooping overhead for too long.

Bring our friends, come on
out Mr. and Mrs. Chumley, Jasko,
Erogenous Jones
and the rest of you, Flippy, Rosaleen
Philpott.  Now, splendid.

Don’t you recognize me? said the man on
the bench.  And it turned
out it had been Bing Crosby all along.

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