S H A M P O O   25

Jane Adam goes swimming in Lake Erie.  is that good for hair, or any other part?  we’ll see.  she has some poems up (or coming up) in Wicked Alice, can we have our ball back? and Eratio.

Arlene Ang’s first full-length collection of poetry, The Desecration of Doves (iUniverse Inc.) may be legally procured through, and her secret agent, Fruitcake.  She blogs like a rotator cuff injury on sunny days.  her favorite word is bucket.

Adam Beaudoin is a high-school senior from the strip mall of Long Island, New York.  alternatively, he is a ninja.

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal was born in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.  he works in the mental health field.  Raw Materials, his first book of poems, was published by Pygmy Forest Press in 2004.

Alex Bleecker is a teacher and a DJ in New York City.  he also hosts an uptown monthly poetry series called diVerseCity.  he is currently washing his hair with ginger shampoo from The Body Shop, and has recently rediscovered conditioner.

Julia Bloch loves a lot of things about Kelly Clarkson, but most of all that lush, tricolored hair.  Julia, who earned an MFA at Mills and has had work recently in Five Fingers Review, Bird Dog, and 26, relocated this year to Philadelphia to start a PhD in English.

Daniel Borzutzky’s Arbitrary Tales was published in 2005 by Triple Press.  his poem for SHAMPOO would not have been possible without details leaked by an anonymous source with intimate ties to a senior member of the Bush administration.

Andrew Brenza lives in Philadelphia where he longs to become the next American Idol.

Otto Chan is looking for some lunch in Mission Bay.

Todd Colby likes to ride his bike in Prospect Park.

Michael Crake is a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  he co-founded and co-edits the online magazine, Pinstripe Fedora with Sean Hedden.  work appears in Circle Magazine, can we have our ball back?, Matter, and Dirty, A Literary Magazine. Farfalla Press/McMillan & Parrish selected his poem “Street Blocks” for their broadside series.

Stephen Cullis was born in Warwick, England, but grew up by the sea in Hastings.  some time later, at St. Aidan’s Durham and The Queen’s College Oxford, he studied (amongst other things) Egyptology, Gnosticism, Italian Liqueurs (especially Amaretto), and fuzz/feedback guitar.  as a result of trying to present a combined thesis on the above, he had to leave the college in 1988 under a cloud of disapproval.  he is fluent in French, Japanese, and red wine.

Francis Curran. An Irish/Scot, rootless-classless, based in London
Plugged in, cranked up to amplify in part
A hint of my being; in a noise polluted world.
Sanity is the art of disguising ones own madness.

Rica Eaton.  yeah, baby!!

Brad Flis,” yell the many potentates, “come back to Toronto!”  “I can’t,” he replies with his winsome vocabulary extended, injuriously adding, “I’m in 1913!”

C. E. Gatchalian is still recovering from his previous career as a telemarketer.  he is the author of two books, one of which was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.  he lives on the left coast of the heathenish northern chunk of North America.  here’s his website.

Noah Eli Gordon is currently completing a manuscript called Fifty Paragraphs From A Perfectly Functional Book, although he’s published a few perfectly functional books already.  he keeps a page of links here and now lives in Denver, Colorado.  dude, that’s like a mile up in the air!

Denton Harris is 26 and has been writing limericks for two years.  he has a less than serious approach to life and poetry, and often combines acronyms and palindromes into his work.  his motto is “Relax!”  always a joker, he just wants to have some fun and spread it around.  he is a member of the poetry group

Julia Istomina was born in Moscow, Russia, and moved to the US in 1990.  she explores a variety of themes including her fragmented cultural heritage in her poetry, which has appeared in yadayadayada.  she is also frank to admit that she fell asleep in her clothes last night after dancing an impomptu tango with a bachelor party candidate at a collegiate bar.

Elaine Kahn is an undergraduate at California College of the Arts.  unfortunately, she left all her hair in Chicago.

Benjamin Kroh //data: to protect from the terrible secret of space /question: what is the power? /answer: venus power = radiation = the devil /data: to start fires /data: shove push shove /target: grandmother /data: lies

Nicholas Manning’s poems have appeared, or are soon to appear, in Free Verse, Manifold, eratio, Stylus, MiPOesias, Blue Fifth Review, CipherJournal, Fire, and Imago.  he lathers with Herbal Essences, which he considers a sort of earthly ambrosia: sensual to the point of swoon.

Cathy McArthur and her husband, Mike, spent some of their summer renovating their bathroom.  her poem (with shampoo and suds) is a by-product of the splashy event.  Cathy’s work recently appeared in Cross Connect, Blue Fifth Review, and is forthcoming on Sonaweb.  she teaches English Composition at The City College of New York where she’s studying for an MFA in Poetry.

in the spring of 2004, Shane McCrae graduated from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is currently a student at Harvard Law School.  his poems have appeared in American Letters & Commentary, GutCult, Octopus and a few others.  he lives in Cambridge with his wife, poet Erica Fiedler, and their son, Nicholas.  he and his wife have identical green bath towels, but often they just share one between them.

rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, Canada’s glorious capital city.  the author of ten poetry collections, he has two more forthcoming: name     , an errant (Stride, UK, 2006) and The Ottawa City Project (Chaudiere Books, 2007).  he is currently editing collections of essays on Canadian poets George Bowering, Andrew Suknaski and John Newlove and operates a clever blog.

Jessica Mercado hails from The Bronx, New York, but spends most of the time in a much in need of shampoo + conditioner newsroom lately while idly watching the sun come up and occasionally balloons.  in desperate need of a vacation (somehow graduating from college wasn’t enough) but after the recent trip to Paris, she’s feeling quite bankrupt in varying hues.  the words keep coming though and she likes floating down that stream.

Jess Mynes’s Birds For Example is forthcoming from CARVE Editions in the fall/winter.  he has forearms like Popeye and unfortunately a dead tooth that is very unattractive.  he can be seen nightly on the streets of Wendell, Massachusetts walking his dog and cat who get along like fluffy bunnies.

John Patsynski resides in Congress Park, Denver, Colorado with the ashes of a polydactyl British Shorthair named Miss Kitty who is greatly missed.  he has studied at Westmoreland County Community College (Youngwood, Pennsylvania), Shimer College (Waukegan, Illinois), Oxford, UK, and Naropa Institute and University (Boulder, Colorado).  he makes small editions of chapbooks and a magazine of friends’ and colleagues’ works as zyxt (the zine and press moniker).

Jose Luis Peixoto was born in 1974 in Portugal and has remained Portuguese since then.  he has published some books with strange titles, such as: Morreste-me, Nenhum Olhar and Uma Casa na Escuridao.  all these have been translated to even stranger titles, such as: Tyhja Taivas, Nijedan Pogled, De Blik, Sans un Regard, Te me Moriste, or Una Casa nel Buio.  he doesn’t collect stamps.  he is usually in love.

Lance Phillips has published two books with Ahsahta Press (Corpus Socius, 2002 and Cur aliquid vidi, 2004).  vinegar has disinfecting powers without the harsh chemical smell and you can cook with it.

Michael Rerick rows a sand boat merrily through the Tucson, Arizona basin and parks it in the shade.  every once in a while a poem will make it out (Exquisite Corpse, Fence, here) which is awfully nice.

John Sakkis forgot to bring one thing to Greece this summer.  shampoo.  he didn’t trust the
Greek goop.  so he didn’t wash his hair. it became greasy and endearing.  he likes to think it still is.

Jordan Stempleman is a poet who works as a tobacconist.  with a nog almost completely barren of hair, he chooses to read, rather than dispense shampoo.

Adam Strauss is currently reading, among others, Susan Howe and Gwendolyn Brooks.  he lives in Vegas and loves that The Strip has a Statue of Liberty, an Eiffel Tower, an Empire State Building.

for twenty-three years, David Felix Sutcliffe has raised the eyebrows and troubled the sleep of every other car maker in the world.  now that they know where to find him, he may never be safe again.

Mike Topp puts the poo back in shampoo.  he believes that change challenges Connecticut.  his next book, Own Your Own, will be available this fall thanks to support from Future Tense Books.  for more information, email [email protected]

Sarah Trott becomes despondent when faced with new, pastel housing developments along familiar stretches of rural highways.  once, out of shampoo, she washed her hair with almond-scented bar soap and it worked fine.  her poems can be found in journals that you may or may not be able to find.

Brian Whitener lives between Buenos Aires and Mexico City.  today he is reading the news and using the phone.

Dustin Williamson edits the Rust Buckle chapbook and magazine series.  shampoo turns his hair to dandelion dander in the humid summer months.  currently he can be found in transit between Milwaukee and Brooklyn by way of a mean easterly breeze.

Ellie Claire Wood is (to varying degrees) a writer, musician, and office temp.  she publishes her own homemade magazine Shocking Blues & Mean
(check out this blog).  she doesn’t wash her hair too often because it is not conducive to a ‘Killer Priscilla’ beehive.

Mark Yakich’s first book, Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting to Cross, was a winner of the 2003 National Poetry Series.  as a boy, he once made a Prell shampoo and cranberry juice cocktail for his sister’s fifth birthday.  their relationship has never been the same.  for more about Mark, visit his website.

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