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S H A M P O O   23

since 1981, Jane Adam has taught freshman English at nearly every college in Buffalo, New York, and a few of the prisons too.  she has just decided that all of her clothes don’t have to be black.  even so, she will probably have to use a dandruff shampoo for the rest of her life.

Glenn Bach shaves his head once a week, so only uses shampoo when things start to get ragged; otherwise, a nice body wash or scrub does just fine.  he walks to work each morning, thus, these poems.

Kelly Bartolotta is twenty and has a penchant for the state of Montana, goldfish, and peppermint.

Taylor Brady has recently returned to San Francisco after a sojourn among the peoples of Greater Metropolitan Piedmont.  he is the author of Microclimates, (Krupskaya, 2001), Occupational Treatment (forthcoming from Atelos in 2005), and Yesterday’s News (forthcoming from Factory School in 2005).  recent work can be found in War & Peace and Biting the Error: Forty Writers Explore Narrative (Coach House Books, 2004).  his bottle of Kiehl’s organic tea tree oil shampoo is dwindling, but his hair is keeping pace.  soon, he will wash his head with soap.

Jason Bredle’s chapbook, A Twelve Step Guide, was winner of the 2004 DIAGRAM/NMP Chapbook Contest and is available from New Michigan Press.  he enjoys crying in public, gambling, and the laughter of children.

Brandon Brown is a poet and translator from Kansas City, Missouri.  he lives in San Francisco with one chainsmoking madman.  he will go to baseball games and/or learn Hebrew with you in 2005.

Todd Colby is the star of two recent movies: EAT MY FACE and PUSH MY BIKE that were both made in Hollywood, California by notable directors.

Amy M. Conger is a high school English teacher in the thumb crack of Michigan.  one time a boy named Ben mocked her poem (maybe he wanted it to be called “Ben” instead of “Jen”?).  she will write your 2-3 sentence biography for $2-3.

Bruce Covey.  hair color: brown.  eyes: grey.  spouse: Kate.  two daughters: JingJing and YaLing.  Lecturer of Creative Writing at Emory University.  other recent poems published or forthcoming in Bombay Gin, Pool, Explosive Magazine, 26, MiPo, Word For/Word, and other journals.

Olivia Cronk lives in Chicago.  she is part flamingo and part doll.

Monica Fauble blogs with Stephen Kirbach at hatstuck.  she has recently had poems in Pom², and she is currently cohabitating with an excessive latherer.

Ethan Fugate was recently struck in the head by a tiny meteorite, which resulted in a gnarly wicked black eye.  his imaginary photo-essay about the ordeal will be appearing in parlour mirrors around the world sometime in 2005.

Nada Gordon is the author of four books, including V. Imp. and, with Gary Sullivan, Swoon.  with her lustrous russet tresses (say that 3x quick), she has trouble separating “hair” from “identity.”  her favorite singers are Najwa Karam and Asha Bhosle.

Jeff Harrison.  half mill-stream, half ominous hidden hand, stray’d Ms. Virginia’s burst eye to the mid-moon love “O dewy me!”  where lying moonbeams caught up with her steps; he floors her bird’s bastards with serpent organs; his zodiac’s broken into stumps Ms. Virginia’s telescope gapes, her wire face draped in Mr. Harrison’s promises like an elephant thumbing a glimpse, her example strapped for smoke in the slow sinking of Vienna’s polarizing beams; her strewn leaves forever float breaststroke translucent, labeled like sententiae, like the pines and verbs trapped work in panther-shaped light… AT LAST, bronze is entering snowdrops!

August Highland, whose visual work can be found here and whose literary work can be found here, loves anything he has no control over, which is pretty much everything.  his current, major work-in-progress is learning that life is too important to take seriously.

Yuri Hospodar lives, works, occasionally writes, and of course fornicates in San Franwhammy.

Malia Jackson will teach you how to homophonically translate Louis Zukofsky for fun and profit.  she hails from the bear-infested Adirondack Mountains of New York and advises you to “make yourself look big” if you run into either her or a bear.

Christine Neacole Kanownik is capriciously led by her passion for Sombrita and the desire to understand the difference between red and black Hawaiian sea salt.

Raud Kennedy lives in Boston with a dog who fetches beers and another who speaks.  he has had several science fiction stories published and has a handful of novels available on Amazon.  poetry is his quick fix between the long haul novel writing.

Stephen Kirbach walks his dog on the railroad tracks and gapes at the ruins in Asheville, North Carolina.  he especially appreciates the burnt wooden man totem who towers, his head and shoulders spike studded, and whose eye level thighs taper into a sharp point, thus allowing steep leanings.

David Koehn grew up in mental health institutions and will eat anything but onions.

Jon Leon is boxing transistor in the southeast of America.

Eric Low lives and works in Singapore in the audio-visual industry; wishes he could live a little more and work a little less.

rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, Canada’s glorious capital city, now 150 years, which mclennan celebrated by releasing the first issue of ottawater.  the author of ten trade collections and editor/publisher of above/ground press and STANZAS magazine, he has had poetry, fiction, and critical work in over 120 journals in 9 countries.  he currently owns over six thousand comic books.

though he has never met him, William Moot has a secret crush on the cross.  he is lonely and his number is (510) 337-9974 when he has money.  he read that comb jellies have sparkling of the combs.

the lonely city of Ottawa adopted Wanda O’Connor about 10 years ago.  she’s also lived in other places, like Saskatoon.  one fine spring day she was born a month late, and she has since struggled with punctuality.  recent publications include above/ground press, Peter F. Yacht Club, Toronto Word Exchange, Nexus, Yawp, ALBA, and Montreal’s Pouèt-cafëe.

Ronald Palmer’s short play Dreaming Of Wombs (starring Kevin Rolston and Csilla Horvath) was recently staged at California College of the Arts as part of Small Press Traffic’s Poets Theater Jamboree!  he is currently staring out the window at San Francisco’s winter rain in January 2005 when HEMPZ Pure Herbal Extracts hydrating shampoo has been his favorite lather for months now.  check out logicalogics for new freaky-deaky-funky politico-ethico podcasts by Billy X O’Brien and recent photos from Stephanie Young’s Birthday party!

James Penha lives In Indonesia where the best-selling shampoo is called Clear—not Bersih or Sabun Rambut or Jernih—but Clear!  no, no one is safe, anywhere.

Stephen Ratcliffe’s latest books of poetry are Portraits & Repetition (The Post-Apollo Press, 2002) and SOUND/(system) (Green Integer, 2002).  recent poems have appeared in 1913, Bombay Gin, Common Knowledge, War & Peace, Conjunctions, and NO:Listening to Reading, a book of essays on sound/shape and meaning in “experimental” poetry, was published by SUNY Press in 2002.  he is the publisher of Avenue B and teaches at Mills College in Oakland.

C. Allen Rearick thinks more people would appreciate poetry if it were a hot bisexual blond with huge tits.  he also refuses to brush his teeth on a regular basis. 

Cassandra Schiemann currently lives in a Katimahouse, drinks eight glasses of water a day, and strongly idolizes Leonard Cohen.

Barry Schwabsky cannot tell a lie; his poems in this issue of SHAMPOO are excerpted from a sequence to be published as a chapbook by Seeing Eye Books, Los Angeles, in December 2005.

Andrew Slattery is a Communications graduate from Newcastle University.  he self-published his first collection of poetry, In the Stomach of a Clock in 1994 and, ten years later, Love and Other Ways to Pass the Time was published by Arrangement Media in Newcastle, Australia.

Shannon Tharp is shorter than her younger sister and has flat feet.  she lives in Iowa where her friends ply her with ice cream and devil’s food cake.

Mike Topp commit you to anything without your having it all laid before you.  I Watson; who is occasionally good enough to help me in my cases.  whom have double-breasted coat; while the deep blue cloak which was thrown over his.

Alli Warren’s polis is your polis, her suds and faux yours too.

J. Marcus Weekley was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, though he now lives in Lubbock, Texas.  he is also a photographer, and his writing has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Iowa Review, Quick Fiction, and Wild Strawberries.

Nico Wijaya ohso fashionably rules his minions from high atop the hill.

Muesser Yeniay is studying English literature in Ege University, İzmir, Turkey.  was born in 1983.  has published poems and essays in magazines in Turkey and elsewhere.  likes philosophy made by images–poetry.

Tim Yu now uses only 100% Canadian shampoo.  his poem in this issue of SHAMPOO was written at the command of Jim Behrle.  rumor also has it that his blog is back.

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