Jess Mynes – Two Poems

Jess Mynes

Two Poems

figures of speech

sea foam hush
alluvial sand
winnows bone
white wood

all you
want all
I have
want    feels
good I’m

sea breeze voices
continuous quiet

sleeping dog’s
nose scripted in
cursive salt

apse of white
wave collapse
ebb     crest

sifted footprints fill

hermit and horseshoe:
carapace litter

circumstantial continuity

fall from grace
push away from

it gets to
me after

beach ball delay

meaning small waves each
new folds into old
dark stones where the bottomless trophy
repeats, suns find a deep echo
not in burst but drama
seized pebble by pebble
out of symmetry thrown for a loop
the lost start struck
things half full capture
the used music, the rusted horn buzz
scope holding fast to as measured
a bees bumble, a mauled petal perturbed
circles as in a radar whirr

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