Tim Botta – Generation Y

Tim Botta

Generation Y

She last had it last last evening.

Generation Y.

When barmaid of lass stuck license.

Path breath cranberry breath breast covering, tavern.

In conversation of Shannyn of Helen with Jasmine,

when she has gin.

Far from Vermont, far from Vermont haunting painting.

Far from Spokane and closer to spoken

of whiskey sour farm family.

Family or famish laugh. A lavish. A lavish with greyish eyes and some Canada.

Young thumbed assumption, Shasta. Something of husband, something of mummified,

            and a month off to caption.

Dumb libretto.

Fetch my breath dumb or strobe and capture.

How did it follow. The trend and it ends in seconds.

She last had it last last evening.

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