Melissa R. Benham – 2 Poems

Melissa R. Benham

2 Poems

this weather went beyond countdowns

one might gain a choice to articulate loveliest

in scanning cloud cover

for how petty you to fan the

siren & the car becoming familiar we

too emerge from late shapes of day

a kind of cadence as when forgetting

one has hands for all things

I either meant to or refused saying

so now it’s no worries like always

even the dizzy scene had cooled out

& you could tell what happened was obvious

as the same color of light

when riding home or getting in bed next to

sincerely not mine

for a kind of rain never let down

* * * * * * * *

                        I forerun bottle/key in finding

                        shook up too late/stupid insectivore

                        a beaky pinch & drink me little steeple

o suckerpunch//o dandelion

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