Daniel Gallik – 2 Poems

Daniel Gallik

2 Poems

Mikee Knott In His Swollen Heat

To a gloaming, that is where
I want to land, finally, in
a mist with a smiling lass
by my side, Zeke laughed out
loud as he rounded a corner
in Buckeye, not near the Lake.

He had always wanted to be
Irish.  He said, my snout, it
would be masturbating from a
coldness in the wet air.  She
would be looking into the sun
and she would say, I am with

a man who is strong enough to
stay a man his whole exile.
Having found the gate, he has
found the messages in his soul.
I shall name him Mikee, and
he will kiss this very instant.

In the salty wind, Mikee said,
Let us remain calm, keep a-
walking, smell the pistils of
the flowers, know the harmony
is irreframable, and flee on
as we hear the sea atropin.

Love States Exactly What It Means

I mean, her irrational richness,
how she draws attention, and
still, she is grotesque, and
improbable in her speech, how
she hates good times and always
questions why she has any of em,
I mean, she’s mordant, rooted
in despair and she smells bad.

But I love her.  Will laughed
with his friend, Cyril, way
down in Buckeye, about his Linn.
I mean, she is a step forward
in the best possible way for me.
She’s the grim humor of my off
life.  She’s a long indictment
of my industrial life in mills.

Wanna fuck her all the time.  I
am an appalling perception of
middle management.  I am a blue
shade of misery.  I mean, other
day she says ‘your life’s wildly
comic.’  Will was her fourth
steady boyfriend in as many
months.  Cyril said, I think I

love her too.  She’s a foxrock,
a love melody’s dying whisper.
Hey, if you give her up, I do
want her, like I want to own
the Russian Empire on paper.
Although, I don’t think that
her humor is of the best kind.
I mean, she’s like a Queen Lear.

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