M. Mara-Ann – from Containment Scenario

M. Mara-Ann

from Containment Scenario

to explain describing in the way of making

1. inclined philosophy

upward [seen reflecting concrete circumstances] — the points

a role [works of graceful lightness] under [anecdotal intimacy] protecting

rolling upward [repeatedly beginning quasi-descriptions] stacked

[the name of the author] — tubular [the meaning for example] of standing

[lines employed to create] collapsed diagonals

the folding [coinciding with philosophy] standing upon

a tube [binary feet or six syllables] hollowing [parallel]

[critical justifications for avant-garde] flared engulfing

[a poem is graphic] turns

crumpled [the configuration of themes] openings

securing bound [unity with nature] discarding

several planes [elegies] through [occasional range] centers

upon tops — [this creative process]

[criticize the order] — hanging speaks

once circular [the province of metaphysics] rolling

growth languishing [formalized dance steps]

turn to [lyric poetry ending] flattening

[social consolidations] triangle clamping

2. form and flow

the expression of your causal effect weighs earnestly upon the delight of my

                                                                                        conscious dwelling desire

a predetermined effect with industry and the language of mornings throughout our

                                                                                       time and history together

these things weigh in depth upon the delivery of firsts and the continuation of his

                                                                                                   lengthy courtship

why was there excess and a forthcoming endurance throughout all the trials of

                                                                                             mistrusting my denial

the ancient meanderings of a quick push through the course of defiance and certain

                                                                                               valor in persistence

this relation set in time to the broad amblings of focus and perception — her

requisite in containing.

3. languishing the languished

           Up and to the left

the points role underneath projecting

where the rolling stack is standing within the tube of a collapsed diagonal.

           Up and to the right

the folder standing hollows a parallel flare engulfing the being turns

and crumpled openings tape a secure binding of discarded planes.

           Up and to the left

the tree upon the top of a horned speaker provides a circular roll

as growth languishes to turn flattering triangular camps once allegorical.

           Up and to the right

the destination disconnects a sound holder

due to an impartial accounting of the subjective meaning past and the abstract.

Four counts through the center:

projecting the points in collapsing the collapsed

collapsing the collapsing for collapsing the rolling

rolling the engulfed in engulfing the hollow

a hollow to discard in the discarding of discards

discarding the opening for an opening to provide

providing horn in the horn of horning

the horn of flattering for a horn of languish

flattering their languishing in languishing the languished

languishing the disconnect for disconnecting destination

destination of disconnecting in disconnecting disconnection

a subjecting disconnection for a subjecting accounting

the subjecting to account with an end in sight.

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