Ashley VanDoorn – Two Poems

Ashley VanDoorn

Two Poems

device for transformation


             {open source, unexpected trap}

first my sure face intuits into it—
surface my denying instrument—

people move to cities seeking anonymity. no
is hoped for. any and more

eros is rose and sore.

how to change
errantry into iridescence

    with my overripe
grip                    clacking lace
    foil fingers           sticker feet
                    dust guts                   I am
                           glutted and glazed

until my nervous reflex
             to slack lapses
                           and anxiety relaxed
                                        snaps back.

I take scissoring plunge
through buzzing underpinnings
into uneconomical fog galore.


to catalyze: gather water
by splashing
in tide-line dots on the lost map
spread across a cropped dock
adjacent to glaciers


mind designed tightly

no easy out       just       ice

become another

steam                yet

connecting device


                         “no pressure      =      no pleasure”

spins and every side a mirror spins on a flat surface on a point spins

bumps against another spins away spins into wobbling makes wobble

spins expending spending expanding spins reflects reactions pending

endless sides to sidle up to send spinning open spokes closely speak


“we don’t live in the real world”                “we live in the habitable world”

“the world we live in is unbearable”              “we barely live in this world”

                     (bubble)                                                           (bubble)

double atlas/axis/helix
                                        twinned/twined   two too much
                                                                                              spins and is worth it

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