Michael Magee – This Is No Book: Who Touches This To

Michael Magee

This Is No Book: Who Touches This Touches My Ass

It also touches noir amorality (Pop … is
a good guy, one of the book’s true South-
ern morals, because there’s no dead mule).
Who wants to take a stab at the lyrics?

To the person in the car outside my office
window: Cher is not my friend. Cher is
no one’s friend. “Man, you come right out
of a comic book.” While trying to be unique,

there’s no need. Sarah bends over touches
her toes shows off her lovely red shoes and
thong and says, “Come on Tom honey bunny,
United Kingdom.” This may sound like a no-brainer.

But this is no book, who touches this touches
my ass, a horror story that needs no death, no
blood and excludes some folks from the west,
there’s no avoiding that, my disturbed little Samaritan,

when the shower curtain touches my bare
skin of Illinois. Discuss this. Why are you here
doing some shit ass comments?…well if it
seems…yet it really touches my whenever.

Well spank my ass and book me a big hardbound
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich no less!
Every car he touches he fucking destroys,
gesturing to the sliced book’s appearance on “Hack.”

Caterers put the finishing touches on the
business book genre (one of my favorite
rhetorical smartasses, those old days suit you:
“you owe her, cousin Romney, no amends; she …”)

The Chinese Democracy auction also gets
a copy of Led Zeppelin. Rapacity and ethnocentric
pride will get belief system from the Book of the
One God; “Mankind is evil. No more red tape.”

Those people need my direct assistance, Johnny
Rotten and Catwoman images from the downtown
artspace of a prospective partner; either a pink bunny
or no bunny at all. They sure loved their book burnings.

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