Stephen Cullis – American Dream 1

Stephen Cullis

American Dream 1

$  For $ou, O D$mocracy

Com$, I will m$ke $he $co$ntinen$ indissoluble,
I w$$l $ake the m$st spl$ndid rac$ the s$n ever $$one upon,  $
$ will make $ivine mag$etic $ands,
$$$$ the love of c$mrades,
W$$h the li$e-long love of co$$rades.

I $ill pl$nt co$$anion$$ip th$ck as t$ees alo$g a$l the ri$ers of Am$$ica,
$nd a$$$$ the sh$res of the gr$at lakes, a$d all $$$$ th$ pra$$ie$,  $
I w$$$ mak$ inse$$rable $$$$$$ with th$ir arms a$$$t each $$her’s n$cks,
By $he lo$e of $omr$des,
B$ t$e $an$y lov$ of c$omrade$.

$or you th$$e fro$ m$, O De$ocrac$, to serv$ you ma fe$m$!
F$r y$$, for you I am trilli$$ the$e so$gs.$$

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