Olive Filbert – All Mixed Up

Olive Filbert

All Mixed Up

You are what makes me go, what makes me stop,
What makes me sit, what makes me hop,
What makes me laugh, and makes me cry,
Every time I look in your eyes.

You are what brings the rain, and brings the sun,
You bring my boredom, and my fun,
You bring me hate, and bring me love,
You bring me shoves, and bring me hugs.

You are what takes my breath, and gives me life,
What hated me once, and loved me twice,
You make me happy, and make me sad,
You make the worse seem not so bad.

You are what brings my smiles, and brings my frowns,
My day clothes and evening gowns,
You bring me passing and failing grades,

On a hot summer day you are my shade.

You are what I hate, and what I adore,
You make me rich, and make me poor,
You make my wrongs seem so right,
You make my prison my getaway guide.

You are what turns my right into my left,
You turn my certain into a guess,
You turn my up into a down,
You turn my hat into a crown.

You are what turns my black into a white,
You turn my day into a night,
You make me sit, you make me hop,
You make me go, you make me stop.

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