David Prater – humility publishing

David Prater

humility publishing

so far i’m my only reader but i like what i see
writing becomes much easier when you can
focus on present company though it be poor
“i don’t like humility publishing, oh no: i love it
– ah!” had a book launch the other night &
it went really well having invited myself i duly
turned up & bought that only untitled copy yes
of course i signed it wow what a huge success
& i said to myself maybe i should send poems
to one of those literary journals but whoa there
i answered myself reprovingly that would be
vanity publishing & i both know what i think of
vanity i’m right i agreed no way i’m going there
that wouldn’t be fair not allowing me as reader
the freedom to interpret the text as i see fit well
i’ll fix that i said pressing the green start button
standing back to watch one copy spewing out
just for me in my deep & everlasting humility

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