Jon Leon – Two from Diphasic Rumors

Jon Leon

Two from Diphasic Rumors


Airport strait riddled with bullets.  Modular
coverings impelled the path stratum.  STP looking
fine.  Looks finer in 4.8 photostat.  Several
grand palaces peppered the horizon.  Were 5.6
coming on some royal flux?  No, only impossible
wavers from the topper to helm.  Chatty 4.5.
Complimentary 4.5 and steamy 4.5 latched onto
5.7 5.1 wish.  GS ran into problems at the check
point.  Cargo overboard, retrieval imminent.  5.6
clocked 4.9 at speeding knots.  Sailors’ hazards.


The night is long and the days are black.
5.2 face is orange and 5.2 breath is hot against
5.8 ear.  Boxing angel.  Too preppy.  5.4 & 4.9
were embodied gold mines.  Locking amphora
blight castors.  Tool 5.7.  Live 5.7.  Shucks 5.7.
Trip around the voluminous highways.  O cohen
around the bough of 5.9 dosing.  To navigate
something like that 4.5 will need a tiger heart
and leopard mind.  Sleigh riddle.  Cougar 5.5.
5.6 jumped ship, flippers splashing 4.5 & 5.7.

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