Katie Uva – Banana Expoetics

Katie Uva

Banana Expoetics

My dream bouquet
Of table setting freedom, man!
Roundy, oo la la
Globular organs machine-looking horizon
Before the text removed the same
Thing occurring nihil nil nemo niente
Find the Tina things as this
Blind down before the windo
Johanna is hot
Used the banana—for what?
Johanna is bananas
Frobstetrician inequality tonic
Amendment pair pears
Of us, you know, don’t tell
We have no bananas today
Here’s Johnny and a chariot ritual
7 yrs ago Merhigh Merlow Mermiddle Merbourgeoisie
With matching towels
Adam and Steve’s
Keep a key under the mat, don’t hop
The fence thencely
Ask Leo how that goes a rose
Is a rose in the Orpheum shows
Ar Kay Oh and me wan go home
Wok in a convex sky
That not full, an optimist?
Yu make an ass of u and mption
Sumsense home is where you hang your self
WHY, text block, WHY? L’eggo my Ego
Bless this mess, it’s a real wombdinger
“Tell Libbie never to give up her dream of becoming an interior decorator and a
physicist!” These walls
Keep closing in
She sleeps her way to the glass ceiling
Malled to death by a capitalist machine
Charlie Chaplin, we love you, get up!
Exercise technicaution and phone home, E.T.
In this our push-button world of the future
I’m an extrapolevaulter, I submit to you
No shit lit
Buddha with a baseball bat
Like Howard Beach, Coney Island
Crawling with rabbits, like bunnies, night of the Lepus
And the 50 foot woman
Why don’t vaginas come with directions?
Why do gentlemen come with erections?
Two words passing in the night
Reach out to each other
I throw a lasso ’round one whilst chewing my chaw
Malice maoist house of cards
Chicken and waffle cathedrals
Take my wallet, my follows at home.
A perfect day for bananafish.

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