MTC Cronin – 2 Poems

MTC Cronin

2 Poems

What’s Happening Now

Why do some see through me,
Know that I am a faker,
And some do not?

Why do some realize my authenticity,
My realness amidst all this sanity,
While others do not?

For eons there is an emptiness
In my mind before the silence comes
With its words.

Sun seizes the tin roof
And imitates rain, envelops the quiet
In din.

There are chimes made by wood and wind
Outside my door.

Far beyond you all finally
I have nothing to say.

Poetry stops
When it reaches the end of the present.

On my garden path, a stone nudges a stone
As the sand between them trickles
Somewhere else.

The Law of Desire

What is worthy of desire?

A man needs one woman or fifty men.

There is a shark in the blood.

The best prey is living.

A man hunts forward.

The soft wind convinces us.

Desire is like the emptiness of a chair.

Adventure undoes adventure.

The women never rise.

All lines are one.

I am the mother of a corpse.

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