Yuri Hospodar – Yurizilla In San Francisco Bay

Yuri Hospodar

Yurizilla In San Francisco Bay

Coast-blurred fucking peasant
no after-name degree’d abbreviations
swings limb from limb again with
promise of not again
and again snickers in its patient hut

oh but open curious shrew’s box of
deadly charm anticipation and the old things

scuttle out in shiny new clothes

and multiple imaginings unshape into millions
and potentials fled last fleeing
fly toward me with a coo

cook for me City, splatter cock and word before me
rose petals to fall upon in feast
of welcome rocks and coast

give me chance to confess things worthy
of confession and make the math-mutants
turning poetry to theory-proofs cringe

as I say home, as I say joy, as I say me,
as grid and chart stapled to school-duty hide
combust and all its students’ sneers

fail to snuff ignition my
arrival and omnivorous assault
volumes up the feedback
drowning out the tedious twee
of adherence

I will fringe in corner
giving grace like any
idiot yuridovoi

o rocky coast watch
as fins break water
and the radioactive reptile
              twenty stories tall
slaps dock and rises
to lick the dormant skyline

I am coming I scream
not that way
you filthy swine

or at least not yet

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