Summer Rogers – litmus test

Summer Rogers

litmus test

Life as real as TV broadcasts pleonasm

Trendy narcissism speaks louder than quiet thrift store scrutiny

For what initially seemed empowering, naïve followers multiplied

And trailed after goods that advertised the millennium

Believing the other side was green

Reality was blown into little pieces

Walking the soul, like the dog

Gentrifying the neighborhood the same

Puffed smoke from their cigarettes between channels

Routing their threaded profile towards achievements

With billboard poise, wife beater tee shows muscle

Sweatshop grief mutely endures

Capped-tooth smiles disguise two-piece vanity in show tune happiness through

Psychic sex phone cords, installing that lost kindergarten confidence in the receiver

Greened pupils watch love ignite orgasms as

Duty merely genuflects

Reggae twists lock into peepholes of ecstasy

Holding open their orifices

As silver-plated rings gleam turning fingers

Into malignant sticks doused in stardust

Painted spirit is peeling at the ends of moral weight

Hidden between sheets of acidity

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