Ric Carfagna – shattered monologue

Ric Carfagna

shattered monologue

i compose myself
          amidst the boundaries
                    with simple words
                          laying bare
                                    the delicacy of tonalities
        somehow caught here
          between the windowpane
                  the unwritten     paucity
              smudging a canvas
                              framed by abstracts
                    distillation of purloined light
                  collapsing within me
                            the many   remains
                                irreversible as rainfall
                                winnowing a topical grasp
                                mimed by reflective years
                                              lapped with saliencies
                                cast in a litinous glow
                                the tempest     i accentuate
                                    winters here     with sentience
                                              covering the naked plasticity
                  not desirous of ruinous delegations
              to former redemptions
        wedded to   perturbations covetings
              leaked from a white season
                                    still     existing
                  below       the causal surface
                                        I impact

from Notes On None Existence

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