Matt Reeck – Two Poems

Matt Reeck

Two Poems

Ode to /o/

for ozone, lodestones,
   oboe solos, for

mole holes, blowholes,
   toes, for stoats,

rolled oats, boat
   shows, for moats,

hobos, colts, for
   north doors,

worn cloaks, cold
   slopes, for old

bones, voles, for
   snows, rose

bows, for Yoko
   Ono, trolls,

toads, for bold
   roans, jokes,

pogos, for momos,
   dodos, for O

Ode to /i:/

each eek, beak
   each peak,

each lead leek,
   freak, each

Greek, repeat,
   deep geek,

each ear, each
   deer, heat,

each Jeep, creek,
   leap, sleep,

each neap, treat,
   keep, steep,

each Preeti, each
   gleek, weepy

sheep, each cleat,
   each delete

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