Laynie Browne – from Lost Parkour Ps(alms)

Laynie Browne

from Lost Parkour Ps(alms)

It was someone else

who wrote you that letter

Yes, I wrote it

Yes, it was someone else

When urgency was an animal

and age a number

*    *     *

He’s a silly sleeper

Now slap my face with a narrator

How many voices subscribe to the unwritten

underpass of light?

*    *     *

Ps(alm) for Awful

Now returned from

a place of careful speech

to a place of no speech at all

She said, push him off a mountain

never again

something about voice

The town has no skirts


A better reply

than to tell the truth

or to lie

something that reveals neither false construction

Stop dreaming someone hates you

(and how to love other fundamental problems)

To write what will never be read

for this each notebook was made

I am in a primordial place

not feeling primordial

not arisen

I can still trust curiosities

pictures of forsaken sky

text as trust and texture

awnings of inevitable leverage

Beneath the land lies

a remote glance

The book of last dresses

the book of oceanic curls

the book of blue

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